Bear KompleX 3-Hole Hand Grips: The Spartan Shields for Your CrossFit Battle

Durable, Non-slip, Comfortable, Versatile, Supportive

These ain't your grandmother's oven mitts, folks. You're looking at the Bear KompleX 3-Hole Hand Grips (carbon fiber). To the uninitiated, they might seem like humble accessories. In reality, they are Spartan shields for the modern gym warrior.

Fashioned from patented carbon fiber, these grips are the Rembrandts of the athletic world, meticulously designed to do what Rembrandt did best: provide a consistent finish. No canvas too slick, no bar too powder-coated – these grips stick like white on rice. And chalk? That's for a schoolyard game of hopscotch, not your sweat-drenched CrossFit sanctuary.

Now let's talk about the beauty of the three-hole design. It provides a level of security and flexibility, making them versatile for a range of movement, from pull-ups and kettlebell swings to the infamous muscle-ups and the monstrous deadlifts. They don't just prevent slips; they are your first line of defense against the war wounds of ripped and raw palms.

And don't get me started on the wrist strap. Nestled comfortably under the buckle, it's like a reassuring pat on the back. You're protected, but without the discomfort of something digging into your wrist. It's subtle, yet it makes all the difference when you're clinging onto that bar for dear life.

Sold in pairs, these black and orange bad boys – let's not forget that touch of rebellious color – are nothing less than workhorses. They're not just about protecting your hands; they're about pushing you beyond your limits, turning your sweat and grit into fuel for the next rep.

These Bear KompleX 3-Hole Hand Grips aren't just equipment – they're part of the journey, from those grueling first reps to the glory of achieving that personal record. But be warned, they are not for the faint of heart. These are for the warriors willing to bear the strain, the sweat, and the sweet, sweet pain. The prize? Well, it's the complex satisfaction of knowing you gave it your all, and a pair of hands ready to fight another day. Now, that's priceless.


  1. Patented Carbon Fiber Material: The use of carbon fiber makes these grips impressively durable and ensures a consistent grip even on the slickest of bars, without the need for chalk.
  2. Three-Hole Design: This unique design offers an extra layer of protection and flexibility. Your hand can move naturally, but with less risk of the callouses and abrasions that hardcore workouts can cause.
  3. Custom Wrist Strap: The strategically positioned wrist strap provides support without discomfort, a feature not often found in typical gym grips.
  4. Versatile Use: These grips are suited for a range of movements, from pull-ups and kettlebell swings to muscle-ups and deadlifts. They're a true multi-tool in the gym.


  1. Cost: At $44.98, these hand grips are a bit of a splurge compared to other options on the market. While the quality appears to justify the cost, they may not fit everyone's budget.
  2. Color Limitation: Currently, they're only available in one color combination (black and orange). More aesthetic options would cater to a broader range of personal preferences.
  3. Sizing and Fit: Depending on individual hand size and finger placement, some users might find the three-hole design less comfortable or less well-fitting than traditional two-hole grips.
  4. Break-In Period: As with many athletic equipment pieces, there might be a “break-in” period where the grips feel a bit stiff before they mold to the user's hand shape. This initial discomfort might deter some users.


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