AVIA Basketball Shoes: AVIA’s Iconic Basketball Sneakers Reissued

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Ah, the '80s – a time of neon, big hair, and some of the most iconic sports shoes that would grace the basketball court. With the rise of legendary athletes, it's no wonder that companies like AVIA found their footing in this era of sports innovation. I can still picture the sleek lines and standout designs of these classic sneakers, which were as stylish as they were functional.

AVIA's decision to go back to its roots and reintroduce the 830 and 880 high-top models is nothing short of nostalgic brilliance. These two shoes are not only a tribute to the brand's innovative past but also a testament to the enduring allure of timeless design. Each model, with its distinct colorway, leather uppers, and unique technology, is a testament to the attention to detail and performance that made AVIA a household name.

What I appreciate the most is the effort put into maintaining the authenticity of these releases. The exact replicas of the shoe boxes from the 1980s add a touch of sentimentality, transporting fans back to a time when they first laced up a pair of these iconic shoes.

But, as with anything exclusive, you'll have to act quickly to secure a pair for yourself. With only 500 units of the 830 and 1,000 pairs of the 880 available, these shoes will undoubtedly become coveted collector's items. So, if you're craving a piece of '80s basketball history, don't hesitate to head over to AVIA's website and invest in a pair of these reissued classics. At $180, they might seem like a splurge, but I believe that for the style, quality, and nostalgia they offer, they're worth every penny.


  1. Nostalgic appeal: The reissued AVIA 830 and 880 high-top models take fans back to the golden age of basketball, providing a sense of connection to the sport's iconic history.
  2. Authentic design: The sneakers maintain their original design elements, staying true to the aesthetics that made them popular in the first place.
  3. Limited edition: With a limited number of units available, these sneakers are likely to become sought-after collector's items, making them a valuable addition to any sneaker enthusiast's collection.
  4. Innovative technology: AVIA's patented Cantilever System and shock compression technology ensure that these shoes aren't just visually appealing, but also offer solid performance and support on the court.
  5. Premium materials: The use of leather uppers and padded nylon tongues contribute to the shoes' overall durability and comfort.


  1. Price: At $180, these sneakers might be considered a significant investment for some, potentially limiting their appeal to a more niche market of collectors and die-hard fans.
  2. Limited availability: With only 500 units of the 830 and 1,000 pairs of the 880 available, many interested customers may miss out on the opportunity to purchase these reissued classics.
  3. Competition: The sneaker market is highly competitive, with numerous brands offering similar retro-style products. As a result, the AVIA 830 and 880 models may face stiff competition from other iconic sneakers.
  4. Appeal to a younger demographic: While these sneakers hold nostalgic appeal for those who remember the '80s, they may not resonate as strongly with a younger generation that's more interested in contemporary designs and technology.
  5. Potential sizing issues: As these sneakers are exact replicas of their original counterparts, they may not cater to the evolving fit preferences and sizing standards of today's consumers.
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