Fabriga Modula Brose: The Shape-Shifting Ebike Revolution

Modular, versatile, customizable, adaptable, innovative

In this fast-paced world, where adaptability is key, the Fabriga Modula Brose ebike seems to be a game-changer. Imagine a vehicle that can effortlessly transform to accommodate the various demands life throws at you; it's like having multiple bikes, all rolled into one.

The Cargo Bike Summit in London provided a glimpse of the brilliance of Italian engineering. The Modula's modular design is not only clever but also practical. The ability to customize the motor compartment with Brose motors of different capacities, or even to remove it completely, demonstrates a thoughtful understanding of riders' diverse needs.

When it comes to configurations, the possibilities seem endless. Whether you're hauling goods, ferrying children, or simply going for a leisurely ride, the Modula has you covered. The range of options, from the large flat rear cargo deck to the ingenious fold-out “cargo nest,” showcases the ingenuity behind this creation.

While technical specifications are yet to be fully disclosed, the features that we do know about suggest that safety and performance haven't been compromised. The mechanical disc brakes, internal cable routing, front suspension, and integrated head- and tail lights are all valuable additions that will enhance the riding experience.

With a price tag starting at €2,770 (about US$3,054), the Fabriga Modula Brose may not be the most budget-friendly option on the market, but I believe that its versatility justifies the cost. After all, it's like investing in several bikes at once.

In summary, the Fabriga Modula Brose ebike seems to be a fantastic solution for those who need a multi-purpose, adaptable vehicle. It offers an exciting glimpse into the future of urban transportation and embodies the spirit of innovation. I'm eager to see how this bike will fare once it's officially released in September, and I have a feeling it will make quite an impact.


  1. Versatility: The modular design allows for numerous configurations to adapt to various needs, making it suitable for different purposes such as carrying cargo, transporting kids, or leisurely rides.
  2. Customizable motor: The ability to choose from Brose motors of varying capacities, or even opt for a purely human-powered bike, ensures that the Modula can cater to different requirements and preferences.
  3. Space-saving design: The fold-back steering compartment makes it easier to store the bike when not in use, which is especially useful for urban dwellers with limited storage space.
  4. Safety features: The mechanical disc brakes, front suspension, and integrated head- and tail lights contribute to a safer riding experience.
  5. Aesthetics: The Modula's sleek design and internal cable routing make for an attractive, modern-looking bike that will appeal to many riders.


  1. Price: With prices starting at €2,770 (about US$3,054), the Modula may be less accessible to potential customers on a budget.
  2. Weight: The modular design and the addition of various components might increase the bike's overall weight, making it more challenging to handle for some riders, especially when fully loaded.
  3. Limited technical details: The lack of detailed specifications makes it difficult to fully assess the bike's performance and potential issues before its official release.
  4. Assembly and disassembly: While the modular design is a significant advantage, it might also require more time and effort to assemble and disassemble the bike when changing configurations or performing maintenance.
  5. Unknown brand reputation: Fabriga may not be as well-known or established as some other ebike manufacturers, making it harder for potential customers to gauge the quality and reliability of their products.
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