Air Jordan 38: Revolutionizing Court Mobility with New X-Plate Technology

Performance, Legacy, Innovation, Sustainability, Style

The magic of the Air Jordan XXXVIII (Air Jordan 38) isn't just in its storied legacy or its game-changing tech. It's also in the feel of the shoe itself, and the vibrant stories it tells with each unique detail. This isn't just another basketball shoe; it's an anthem of performance, a homage to one of the greatest to ever play the game, and a respectful nod to the planet with its sustainable craftsmanship.

The Air Jordan 38 incorporates a new X-Plate technology, an innovation designed to optimize court mobility. The X-Plate pays tribute to the straps on the Air Jordan VIII (Air Jordan 8), an impressive blend of the past and present. More than just a tribute, though, it's a practical design that keeps the foot secure during rapid, complex footwork maneuvers.

Alongside the X-Plate, the sneaker features a radial herringbone traction pattern and a full-length Zoom Strobel unit. This combination provides the perfect balance of traction, responsiveness, and cushioning, allowing athletes to navigate the court with an uncanny precision and control. That's the difference between making a shot and sinking a game-winner with seconds left on the clock.

The shoe's upper, with its unique backless embroidery, serves not only as a structure of support but also as a canvas of commemoration. It highlights Michael Jordan's phenomenal performance in the 1993 championship series, where he averaged nearly 41 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 assists on a 50 percent field goal percentage. These stats are subtly, yet beautifully, incorporated into the design, adding depth to the narrative of the shoe.

The Air Jordan 38 stands out as the most sustainably made shoe in the Jordan signature series, composed of at least 20 percent recycled material by weight. This commitment to sustainability doesn't compromise the shoe's performance, proving that we can protect our planet without sacrificing our game.

On August 18th, the Air Jordan 38 is set to debut in the Fundamental colorway, a must-have for any athlete or sneaker aficionado. Additional colorways are due to release subsequently, including the FIBA, honoring the International Basketball Federation, and the Center Star, a tribute to the phenomenal women who dominate the court.

The Air Jordan 38 isn't just another shoe. It's a new chapter in the evolution of performance footwear, a love letter to basketball, and a tribute to a legend. It doesn't merely seek to change how we play the game; it also hopes to change how we think about the game, adding another layer of depth and narrative to every jump, pivot, and fadeaway.


  1. New X-Plate Technology: The Air Jordan 38 introduces the X-Plate, a novel feature designed to optimize court mobility. This provides enhanced footwork control, a vital aspect in basketball.
  2. Traction and Cushioning: The shoe incorporates a radial herringbone traction pattern and a full-length Zoom Strobel unit. This combination ensures great traction and just the right amount of responsive cushioning for optimal performance on the court.
  3. Homage to Michael Jordan's Legacy: The shoe's design commemorates Michael Jordan's stunning performance in the 1993 championship series, adding a layer of historical significance.
  4. Sustainable Materials: The Air Jordan 38 stands out as the most sustainably made in the series, composed of at least 20% recycled material. This promotes environmental conservation.
  5. Various Colorways: The shoe will be released in multiple colorways, offering a range of aesthetic choices for different tastes and preferences.


  1. Potential Sizing Issues: As with any new shoe release, there may be potential sizing issues. Until more customer reviews are available, it's hard to gauge if the Air Jordan 38 runs true to size, smaller, or larger.
  2. Price Point: As a premium basketball shoe with high-end technology and design elements, the Air Jordan 38 may be priced higher than other alternatives, potentially limiting its accessibility.
  3. Availability: Given the popularity of Air Jordans, there may be potential issues with stock availability, especially for specific colorways or sizes.
  4. Adaptation to New Technology: The new X-Plate technology, while innovative, may require some adjustment for wearers. Some players may initially find the footwork dynamics different from what they're accustomed to.
  5. Specific Audience: The Air Jordan 38 is built with a clear focus on basketball performance. While this is a pro for players, it might not be as suitable for those seeking a multipurpose or casual wear sneaker.
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