2024 Canyon AT4X AEV Edition: GMC’s Pinnacle of Off-Roading Technology

Robust Off-road Technology Meets Luxury

The open road, an almost existential hunger to explore, and the need for a formidable partner to accompany on this journey – that, my friends, is where the rugged and yet, gentlemanly 2024 Canyon AT4X AEV Edition enters our story.

The folks at GMC seem to have taken up an incredible endeavor – the elevation of the off-road experience. And if you ask me, this machine, this Canyon AT4X AEV Edition, has stepped up to the task remarkably. It stands tall, almost like a challenge to the wild – not just with its imposing 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler tires, but an additional 1.5-inch lift, making it tower over its predecessors. Its gait is wide and assertive, sheltered by larger fender flares and an updated front fascia. And let's not forget about the industry-topping 12.2-inch ground clearance, ready to devour whatever obstacles the terrain may toss its way.

The signature AEV stamped-steel bumpers are like a shield for this beast, ready for some heavy-duty recovery if the going gets tough. No matter the path, no matter the challenge, those five boron steel skid plates are there, guarding the underbelly of this beast, ready for the skirmish the wilderness is bound to bring.

Now, technology and the wild have often been strange bedfellows. But this beast carries the next-gen tech with a smooth finesse that can charm even the most technophobic. The Baja drive mode offers a smart launch control feature that learns as you blaze new trails, constantly adjusting to enhance performance.

The introduction of GM's Ultifi platform ensures your midsize warrior stays updated, learning and evolving with over-the-air updates. What we have here is not just a tool, but a companion, always learning, always growing, much like the journeys it will embark upon.

However, the call of the wild does not mean we leave behind our taste for refinement. The 2024 Canyon AT4X AEV Edition wraps its rugged capability with the kind of premium appointments that would make any adventurer feel like royalty. There's a delicate balance between luxury and utility here, executed with GMC's signature precision.

So, for those of you out there with an itch for the path less traveled, a thirst for the thrum of an engine under you as you crest the next ridge, I reckon this 2024 Canyon AT4X AEV Edition might just be your next best friend. The world is wide, and the paths are many. Your journey awaits, and this, my friends, seems like quite the companion to have along for the ride.

Just remember, this isn't a journey you can postpone till tomorrow. Orders are set to start later this year, with production out of Missouri. The wild calls, and you must go.


  1. Enhanced Off-road Capability: With 35-inch tires, an additional 1.5-inch lift, and the best in class 12.2-inch ground clearance, the Canyon AT4X AEV Edition provides superior off-road performance. The heavy-duty AEV stamped-steel bumpers and boron steel skid plates protect the underbody from terrain damage, ensuring durability and reliability on rough trails.
  2. Advanced Technology: The inclusion of the Baja drive mode with a smart launch control feature ensures improved on- and off-road acceleration. The new end-to-end software platform, Ultifi, allows over-the-air software updates and the addition of new features over time, maintaining the vehicle's technology edge.
  3. Premium Appointments: Despite being a rugged off-road truck, the Canyon AT4X AEV Edition doesn't compromise on luxury. With exclusive AEV branding across the vehicle and premium finishes, the truck combines off-road capability with a touch of refinement.


  1. Potential Cost: While specific pricing hasn't been shared, the array of premium appointments, upgraded hardware, and technology features suggest that the Canyon AT4X AEV Edition will likely come with a higher price tag compared to standard off-road trucks.
  2. Size and Maneuverability: With its increased height and larger size, maneuvering the Canyon AT4X AEV Edition in tight, urban environments may prove challenging. Furthermore, the size of the truck might also lead to higher fuel consumption.
  3. Availability of AEV Parts: As this truck includes several AEV-specific modifications, potential owners may face challenges sourcing replacement parts, particularly if they live in areas where AEV components are not readily available.


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