Baird Built 6 Series: The Ultimate Smokeless, Collapsible Fire Pit for Adventurers

Portable, smokeless fire pit magic

Journeys, it seems, are rarely complete without the warm glow of a campfire. It's the stories shared, the food cooked, and the calmness imparted by the dancing flames that encapsulate the very essence of an adventure. Yet, the challenge always lies in balancing the convenience of portability and the desire for an impressive, smokeless fire. Enter the Baird Built 6 Series – a portable fire pit that champions both these elements, promising an uncompromising campfire experience.

From the congested heart of the city to the expansive canvas of the wild, this fire pit transforms from a mere 4 inches in thickness when collapsed to a generous space that welcomes full-length, store-bought firewood. Even in its compact size, measuring 24 x 24 x 12.8 in when assembled, the 6 Series offers an impressive platform. It's not going to fit snugly into an over-stuffed backpack, but with this modest footprint, it welcomes the possibility of being tucked into the corner of a packed trunk or the storage compartment of a cozy camper.

At camp, this fire pit is a testament to simplicity. It stands ready, armed with precut slots that allow the wall panels to slide into place atop the base in a matter of seconds. Now, what lies ahead is the symphony of flames that will be brought to life by a two-stage combustion process. The design promotes an airflow that feeds the flames from below, and further channels oxygen through sidewall openings to burn up the otherwise cough-inducing smoke. The result is a clean, warm, smokeless fire that will embellish your camping experience.

What I appreciate about Baird Built's creation is not only its commitment to size and portability but also its thoughtful ecosystem of accessories. The availability of a stainless steel grill top and a griddle-style sear top adds an inviting layer of culinary exploration. It's an open invitation to all, from the seasoned steak lovers seeking that perfect smokey flavor to adventurous cooks wanting to expand their campfire culinary repertoire.

At face value, the 6 Series, priced at $499 for the Compact and $599 for the XL, may seem like an investment. However, it's a US-made, lifetime warranty-backed piece of kit that should withstand the rigors of the wild for many journeys to come. A reassuring pledge, as they put it, of a “first buy cry” but no worry of a second. This fire pit, then, promises to be a steadfast companion on countless adventures, immersing you in the tales told under the stars, the shared meals, and the shared memories, all enhanced by the hypnotic dance of smokeless flames.


  1. Portable and Collapsible: The design is both compact and fully collapsible, allowing it to be carried easily from location to location. Its flat pack design measures less than 4 inches thick when collapsed.
  2. Smokeless Design: Baird Built's two-stage combustion process minimizes smoke, providing a cleaner, more comfortable fire experience.
  3. Accommodates Full-Size Firewood: Despite its portable nature, this fire pit can comfortably hold standard 16-inch long firewood.
  4. Quality Construction and Warranty: This product boasts US steel construction and is backed by a lifetime warranty, indicating a commitment to durability and quality.
  5. Versatile and Expandable: With an available stainless steel grill top and griddle-style sear top, this fire pit can easily be transformed into a cooking station.


  1. Price: The fire pit is relatively expensive, with prices starting at $499 for the compact model and $599 for the XL. This could be a deterrent for some potential buyers.
  2. Size When Packed: While the fire pit collapses to a thinner profile, it still maintains a 24×24 inch footprint, which may be too large to carry in some smaller vehicles or backpacks.
  3. Assembly Required: While assembly is purportedly quick and simple, it's still a step that some may find inconvenient compared to traditional fixed-size fire pits.
  4. Limited Market Comparison: The market for portable, smokeless fire pits is relatively small, limiting comparative options for potential buyers.


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