Zooz Ultra Flex 1200: Unleash Urban Adventure with the BMX/Moto eBike Hybrid

High-speed, versatile, durable ebike experience

Cruising down the boulevard, you're not just on a bike, you're commanding a beast of steel and electricity, and its name is the Ultra Flex 1200 from Zooz. If a standard ebike is a tango, this machine is a mosh pit, a strange yet exhilarating blend of BMX meets moto ebike, devised to not just take on the urban sprawl but also dominate those gnarly off-road terrains.

Born from the tinkering hands of three self-proclaimed “industry nerds” in the heartland of Texas, the Ultra Flex 1200 is a testament to that old-school ethos of quality craftsmanship and innovation, cultivated in an age-old garage and fine-tuned for today's e-mobility market. I'd say it’s a delightful hat-tip to the history of American innovation, just donned in chrome and capable of clocking 30+ mph.

The design harkens back to the halcyon days of BMX, with a lustrous 4130 chromoly steel frame that gives it a nostalgic yet robust charm. And the comfortable blend of a low motorbike-inspired seat and high BMX handlebars create an upright riding stance that's welcoming to the vertically blessed amongst us. With a load capacity of 350 lbs and a hefty weight of 85 lbs, this ebike can confidently accommodate and haul riders of different sizes.

The heartbeat of this beast, a 750-W rear-hub motor, offers an intoxicating surge of power that peaks at 1,800 watts. You can cruise leisurely at a Class 2-friendly 20 mph or let your inner adrenaline junkie loose, taking on those urban jungles at more than 30 mph, all managed through an easy-to-use display.

The battery pack mounted under the elongated padded seat – a marvel of engineering housing LG cells – can keep your adventure going for between 30 and 45 miles on a single charge. Talk about an ebike that respects the Sunday ride – it's more like a marathon runner than a sprinter.

Now, I can't miss mentioning the ride comfort. It's not just about the seat here; we're talking a moto-style adjustable suspension fork with 85 mm of travel and dual double-coilover shocks at the rear for 65 mm of travel. The combo promises to deliver smooth rides whether you're popping tricks or tackling challenging trails.

Of course, what's a ride without its boots? 24-inch wheels wrapped in Zooz's custom 3.2-inch “Sticky Sweet” puncture-resistant tires lined with Aramid fiber give you superior grip on multiple surfaces. And when it's time to come to a halt, you can count on the hydraulic disc brakes with 203-mm rotors.

Pre-order starts on July 15 with a decent $500 discount on the ticket price of $3,795. An attractive option for those seeking a taste of #versathrillity and, of course, a statement piece that tells the world you're not here just to ride; you're here to command the streets and the trails.

So, folks, the Ultra Flex 1200 isn’t just another ebike; it's a modern-day steed for the urban cowboy with a taste for off-road adventure. It's about the thrill of discovery, the freedom of the road, and a dash of nostalgia wrapped up in one tantalizing package. Let's ride, shall we?


  1. Versatility: The Ultra Flex 1200 is designed for a variety of terrains, from city streets to challenging trails, offering a broad scope of riding experiences.
  2. Powerful Motor: The 750-W rear-hub motor peaks at 1,800 watts, which can provide an exhilarating ride with a top speed of more than 30 mph.
  3. Long-Range: With a generous 1,300-Wh battery pack, you get a range of 30 to 45 miles per charge, perfect for lengthy adventures or daily commutes.
  4. Durability: The 4130 chromoly steel frame and Aramid-lined puncture-resistant tires ensure durability and resilience, giving you a reliable ride over time.
  5. Comfort and Adjustment: High BMX handlebars, a low motorbike-inspired seat, and sport-tuned suspension offer a comfortable and adjustable riding experience, catering to a range of rider heights and preferences.


  1. Weight: Weighing in at 85 lbs (38.5 kg), the Ultra Flex 1200 is on the heavier side. This might pose challenges for transportation or storage.
  2. Price: Retailing at $3,795, the Ultra Flex 1200 is a premium product. This might be a limiting factor for potential buyers on a budget.
  3. Charging Time: A full recharge of the battery can take 6+ hours, which could be inconvenient for some users.
  4. Limited Speed: While the bike can achieve more than 30 mph, it ships with a limited Class 2-friendly 20 mph PAS speed. Users seeking full power right out of the box might be disappointed.
  5. Size: With a seat height of 33.5″, the Ultra Flex 1200 is more suitable for larger riders. This might limit its appeal for shorter riders.


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