Porsche Vision 357 Speedster: Reviving a Legacy with E-Performance

Classic Speedster Reborn in Electric

Feeling the thrill of the open road, revelling in the speed and adrenaline, it's about the ride, the journey, and all the spaces in between. That's what it means to be behind the wheel of the Porsche Vision 357 Speedster. This marvel of design and technology was unveiled with great fanfare at the 30th anniversary of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, an event that brings together both speed enthusiasts and automotive purists from across the globe.

The Vision 357 Speedster pays homage to the iconic Porsche 356, the dream car of Ferry Porsche himself. But this is not just about nostalgia, oh no. This beauty is a sleek, all-electric beast based on the 718 GT4 e-Performance, showing that Porsche's heritage and future are not mutually exclusive. It's a love letter to the past with a sharp, electric glance into the future.

And what a looker she is. A monolithic body emphasised by a shortened, squat windscreen that is as typical of a Speedster as a sunrise is to the break of day. One glance and you are entranced by the car's one-sided tonneau cover spanning the right side, reminiscent of the classic open-top sports cars. The driver's headrest, suspended in air by the carbon roll-over element, the charge port door and the anchor for the classic speedster top – all come together to make this a vision in automotive design.

The two-tone concept, Marble Grey and Grivelo Grey Metallic, pays tribute to the motorsport forefathers. Add to that a dash of Miami Blue for the quick-release mechanisms on the wrap-around front bonnet, and you've got a car that turns heads and commands attention.

Inside, it's all about the driver. The cockpit is purist, reduced to essentials. The low-slung seat, the transparent surface instrument cluster atop the steering column, the racing steering wheel that screams ‘lightness' – it's a space designed to make you feel one with the machine. Even the Miami Blue straps for securing accessories and the fabric straps replacing conventional door handles – they are not just aesthetics, but a testament to weight reduction from the racing world.

And it's not just about good looks. The Vision 357 Speedster is a powerhouse. The electric motors and battery tech come from the Mission R, and the chassis from the 718 GT4 Clubsport. Add to that a bullish wide track for enhanced driving stability and the 20-inch magnesium wheels with carbon fibre hubcaps and central locks, and you've got a car that's ready to rule the road.

But the 357 Speedster wasn't the only star of the show at Goodwood. Porsche rolled out over 15 classic and new models, including six Le Mans winners. Whether you're into the romance of the classics or the raw power of the modern machines, there was something for every Porsche enthusiast.

And it's all set against the backdrop of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, a spectacle that is as much a part of automotive history as Porsche itself. A gathering place for the speed junkies, the car connoisseurs, the dreamers and the doers. Here, you can witness the evolution of Porsche, from the very first sports car, the 356 No. 1 Roadster, to the futuristic Mission X concept car.

So, when it comes to the Porsche Vision 357 Speedster, it's not just about the car. It's about the drive, the exhilaration, the journey. It's about the celebration of heritage, the thrill of innovation, the fusion of past and future. It's the embodiment of Porsche's commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining what's possible. Buckle up. It's going to be a thrilling ride.


  1. Innovative Design: The Speedster draws on the classic aesthetic of the Porsche 356, delivering a modern rendition with a squat, shortened windscreen and one-sided tonneau cover, capturing the essence of the brand in a contemporary format.
  2. Electric Performance: This all-electric model is based on the 718 GT4 e-Performance, demonstrating Porsche's commitment to eco-friendly, sustainable mobility without sacrificing the performance for which the brand is known.
  3. Unique Interior Features: The minimalist, driver-focused cockpit reduces distractions, allowing for a purer driving experience. The use of lightweight materials, such as carbon fibre and fabric straps, contribute to weight savings and performance.
  4. Advanced Tech: Incorporating technology from the Mission R and the 718 GT4 Clubsport chassis, the Vision 357 Speedster showcases Porsche's top-tier engineering advancements.
  5. Heritage and Modernity: The Vision 357 Speedster encapsulates Porsche's history, while also highlighting its future direction. It presents an effective fusion of the company's traditional values with its innovative strides.


  1. Limited Visibility: The shortened front windscreen, while aesthetically appealing, may limit visibility and require some adjustment for drivers used to more traditional designs.
  2. Accessibility: As an ultra-premium product, the Vision 357 Speedster is likely to carry a hefty price tag, making it inaccessible to many potential buyers.
  3. Electric Infrastructure: While electric vehicles are the future, infrastructure (charging stations, servicing etc.) can still be a challenge in many parts of the world. Long-distance travel could be an issue due to limited range and charging station availability.
  4. Practicality: As a pure speedster model, practical considerations such as storage space and passenger comfort may have been compromised in the pursuit of performance and aesthetics.
  5. Availability: Given Porsche's history with limited production runs of its concept vehicles, it's likely the Vision 357 Speedster may have a limited production number, making it challenging for interested buyers to acquire.
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