Outdoor Vitals Shadowlight Ultralight Backpack: Long Trail Hikes with its Lightweight Build

Ultralight, durable, customizable, spacious, comfortable

Ah, the open road. The trail winding into the wilderness. The breathtaking vistas, the changing landscapes. This is where stories are written, where adventure and introspection walk hand in hand. And what, pray tell, is the constant companion on this nomadic quest? Your backpack, my friend. Your lifeline, your storage, your bedroll – all strapped snugly to your back.

Meet the Outdoor Vitals Shadowlight Ultralight Backpack. Now, I'm no gearhead, but this pack has caught my wandering eye. For those embarking on long trails, this pack seems like the stuff dreams are made of, or so they've told me in Outside & Backpacker's 2023 Summer Gear Guide.

The Shadowlight Ultralight lives up to its name, so light and comfortable it feels like you're carrying a shadow on your back. It seems the folks over at Outdoor Vitals have made some significant leaps in their fabric technology. Their unique blend of Spectra and Robic ripstop has culminated in an ultralight pack that doesn't compromise on durability and strength.

But it isn't all about the weight, is it? It's also about the burden we bear. This pack understands that. A sturdy 24-inch frame shoulders the weight, distributing it evenly to your hips. No more back-breaking hikes, just serene saunters through the forest.

However, the real pièce de résistance is the Shadowlight's modular design. You can go as minimalistic as you like, removing the frame and hip belt as per the demands of your trail. You can also take off the back panel, double it up as a sit pad, and voila! Instant rest stop.

What truly sets it apart though, is its organizational prowess. A full-length zipper – yes, you heard it right, full-length! No more rummaging around for that elusive piece of gear. Generously sized mesh pockets capable of fitting a 2-person tent, exterior water bottle holders for up to 5 liters of water, and large hip belts for your smaller items.

The adjustable roll-top takes it a notch further, allowing you to expand or contract the pack to suit your needs. The pack comes in two sizes – 45L and 60L, each under 2 lbs.

Outdoor Vitals Shadowlight Ultralight backpack seems to be made for those who crave the unknown but also appreciate the comforts of good design and thoughtful construction.

It seems to me, the Shadowlight Ultralight backpack isn't just a backpack, it's a promise. A promise of lighter loads, of organized storage, and of greater comfort. A promise to help you truly experience the outdoors in a way you've never done before.

But remember, the pack doesn't make the journey. It only aids you. So, put on those boots, strap on the Shadowlight, and remember to embrace the journey, for every rock, every stream, every mountain, has a story. Safe travels, my friends.


  1. Lightweight: With the larger 60L model barely tipping the scales at 1lb 15.5oz, the Shadowlight Ultralight backpack lives up to its name. This could make a huge difference for long treks and extensive backpacking trips.
  2. Innovative Material: Utilizing a unique Spectra / Robic ripstop fabric, the backpack strikes a balance between durability and lightness. It's designed to resist wear and tear without adding unnecessary weight.
  3. Load Distribution: The inclusion of a 24-inch frame can transfer the load from your shoulders to your hips. This can potentially reduce fatigue and enhance comfort on longer hikes.
  4. Modular Design: You can customize the backpack to fit the needs of your trip, including the removal of the frame and hip belt. The back panel can even be used as a sit pad.
  5. Organization Features: Full-length zipper access, large mesh pockets, outside water bottle pockets, and large hip belts provide ample and flexible storage solutions.
  6. Adjustable Roll-top: The roll-top design allows for expansion or contraction of the pack size, providing further customization to the backpack.


  1. Frame Removal Difficulty: Though you can remove the frame, it is mentioned that it's quite difficult to put back in place. This could potentially limit the backpack's flexibility.
  2. Limited Water Resistance: With a water resistance rating of 1500 mm HH, the backpack might not hold up well in heavy rain or extremely wet conditions.
  3. Maximum Recommended Carry Weight: The maximum recommended carry weight of 35 lbs might limit what you can bring along on your trip.
  4. Price: At $234.97, the backpack is on the higher end of the price scale. This may be a deciding factor for budget-conscious adventurers.
  5. Limited Fit Range: The backpack is designed to fit up to a 40″ pant waist. This may limit its usability for larger individuals.


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