Zion Off-Road Trailer modular Camp Trailer

Customize over time

The Zion Off-Road Base Trailer is a rugged and durable off-road trailer designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want trailers that have only the features they actually need depending on the situation. The trailer features a custom T-track trim and a uniform bolt pattern that allows for most accessories to be bolted on in different locations on the trailer.

Starting at $12,500 gives you the basic camp-ready Zion trailer that you can upgrade over time depending on your budget. It is made of up of a birch plywood body covered with aluminum sitting on a laser-cut steel frame making it strong and durable enough for rough terrain. The trailer's frame has a ground clearance of 17.25″ while the axle, which is supported by leaf springs uses 27.1″ tires and has ground clearance of 12″.

The basic Zion even has lockable dual doors on the sides to make it convenient to get in and out and safe during the night. Another door at the rear of the trailer is for the galley, which features a cooler compartment and a battery compartment. The battery which is used for switches and lights is not included and to add one you would need the electrical box accessory, which is a $1,500 upgrade.

Other upgrades include a ladder, roof cross bars, offroad fenders, spare wheel and tire, spare tire holder, Timbren independent suspension, and more. The upgrades can be purchased individually on in bundles at a lowered price. The suspension system upgrade offer ground clearance and a smoother ride compared to the base spring leaf system.

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