TheraCup combines cupping with vibration and heat

3 suction settings, 3 interchangeable cups

TheraCup is a cupping therapy product created by TheraBody, a company that specializes in creating therapeutic and recovery devices for athletes and individuals seeking pain relief and muscle recovery. Cupping therapy involves the use of cups that are suctioned onto the skin, creating a vacuum effect that promotes blood flow and can help reduce muscle soreness and pain.

Not to be confused with a similar product called TheraCup by TheraCup, which combines cupping with electric muscle stimulation (EMS), Therabody's TheraCup combines cupping with heat and vibration. The vibration is said to provide a soothing effect and the heat helps with blood flow.

The TheraCup suction has three levels of intensity: 30 kPa, 40 kPa, and 50 kPa to cater for individual preferences. It also comes with 3 interchangeable transparent cups (35mm, 45mm, 55mm) to suit different parts of the body.

The cup also has an auto shutoff feature which turns off the after 3 minutes of continuous usage and when the pressure exceeds 60 kPa. There's also a high intensity suction warning when the highest level of suction is selected.

The Therabody TheraCup is powered by a Li-on battery providing an operating of up to 120 minutes, enough for a few sessions and for different parts of the body. It can be used for dry cupping therapy but there is no indication that it can used for wet cupping, where a small incision is made on the skin which is then cupped to extract blood.

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