ZeroWheel makes the ab roller more challenging with resistance

Fore core strength and more

The ZeroWheel is an ab roller on steroids. It has a built-in motor that provides adjustable resistance to make it a lot more challenging than a traditional ab roller. If you find that rolling back and forth on the floor with regular ab rollers is already too hard, the ZeroWheel also comes with Assistance mode to make is easier so you can slowly build up your core strength to eventually get up to using Resistance mode.

Because of the resistance mode, you can also use the Zero Wheel for more than just developing your core. For example by rolling the device on a wall you can use it to simulate barbell curls. You can even use to make squats more challenging than using bodyweight alone. If you pair it with your smartphone or smartwatch you can view your performance insights with the ZeroWheel app.


  • Can do more than just ab workouts
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Assistance mode makes ab rolling more accessible


  • A lot more expensive than regular ab rollers
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