Camp and Go Slow Rattler Bar Tape: Tradition Meets Modern Cycling

Eastern Rattler Bar Tape

Durable, Comfortable, Versatile, Nostalgic, Sustainable

As I gaze upon this Rattler Bar Tape from Camp And Go Slow, the nostalgia hits me. Its design reminds me of days when you could just saddle up and get lost in the world, leaving the beaten path for something unexpected, exciting, and new. There’s a certain simplicity, a bare-bones authenticity, that resonates with the old-school wanderer in me.

Right out of the bag, I see the tape has an enduring nylon blend, sturdy and robust, ready to withstand the wild outdoors and the ravages of time. My hands? They've seen better days, but the 1.5mm thick foam backing, it's like a comforting handshake, acknowledging the miles we've endured together, promising a less bumpy ride for the adventure ahead.

Ah, the bag – a ripstop draw string bag – it might seem trivial, but it hints at the company's commitment to details. A second life as a tool carrier, a snack holder, even a keeper of photographic memories; the practicality is charming, honest and true.

The color choices, Eastern Rattler Green and Western Rattler Brown, are an homage to leather saddles, a nod to tradition that pulls at the heartstrings of any rider with a sense of history.

No bar end plugs, no finishing tape – just the essentials. It’s refreshingly straight-forward and unpretentious, like a good conversation with an old friend. Got some old corks lying around? Well, throw them in your bars and wind up the tape ends, and you're ready for the road. It feels like the good old days, where improvisation was part of the journey.

The lengths Camp And Go Slow go to preserve an ethos of simplicity and adventure is clear. It's not just a product; it's an invitation to escape, to take the road less traveled, to… well, camp and go slow.

Their dedication to local production, with the bag made in Pennsylvania and the tape crafted in Taiwan, also tells a story of supporting communities, something we should all stand behind.

The Rattler tape doesn’t just look good and feel comfortable; it breathes a sense of adventure. It encourages you to ride, to explore, to experience the world at your own pace. And let's face it, isn't that what life's all about?

So, in the end, it's not just about a bike tape. It's about the spirit of the journey, the call to adventure, and the promise of stories waiting to be told. Camp And Go Slow have captured this spirit, and their Rattler Bar Tape is your first step on the road less traveled. Get ready for your next great adventure.

In evaluating the Rattler Bar Tape from Camp And Go Slow, I'd say there are a number of pros and cons to consider:


  1. High Quality: The bar tape is made from a durable nylon blend, ensuring it can stand up to regular use without deteriorating quickly.
  2. Comfortable: With a 1.5mm thick foam backing, it offers a good amount of cushioning, which is particularly beneficial for those long rides, or if you're someone who's starting to feel the years in your wrists.
  3. Long Length: The length of the tape (3300mm per roll) is more than enough to wrap around a wide range of handlebars, which adds to its versatility.
  4. Aesthetic: The color options, being inspired by classic leather saddle colors, add a charming, nostalgic aesthetic to your bike.
  5. Eco-friendly Packaging: The tape comes in a reusable ripstop draw string bag, which can be used for other purposes like carrying tools or snacks.


  1. Price: At $44, it might be considered a bit pricey compared to other bar tapes on the market.
  2. Lack of Accessories: The tape does not come with bar end plugs or finishing tape. While this fits in with their minimalist philosophy, some might find this inconvenient and could add to the overall cost if you need to purchase these separately.
  3. Limited Color Options: With just two color options (Green and Brown), some customers might find the lack of variety limiting, particularly if they're looking to match their tape to a specific bike color.

In conclusion, the Rattler Bar Tape stands out for its quality, comfort, and thoughtful design. However, its higher price point and lack of included accessories could be considered drawbacks by some consumers. It seems best suited for those who value both style and substance, and are willing to pay a little extra for a product that blends the two.

Western Rattler Bar Tape
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