UBCO 2X2 Special Edition: A Blend of Design & Performance.

Stylish, Sustainable, Versatile, Adventurous, Innovative

Sometimes life calls for a little adventure, a detour from the everyday, the mundane. And if there’s a machine that promises to take you there, it's the UBCO 2X2 Special Edition. This bike, dressed in a striking green and electric orange palette, seems like a whisper from the great outdoors, urging you to indulge in that long-pending rendezvous with nature.

But the UBCO isn't just about aesthetics. It offers more than just a pretty face. It's accessorized and ready to roll, geared for the urban adventurer who occasionally loves to flirt with the wild. Its revitalized braking system boasts motorcycle-grade braking pads, substantial brake levers, and even offers the luxury of regenerative braking. This means every time you brake, you’re harnessing energy. Genius, right? This braking system not only gives better control but also assures an efficient and comfortable ride.

Now, let’s talk about storage. We all know how the city demands versatility. The built-in central tote is a dream for those spontaneous grocery runs or when you need to grab that coffee on the go. It’s accompanied by a compact rear duffle, perfect for those gym days or even a weekend getaway. And those expandable compartments? Well, they're ideal for your daily essentials, be it your laptop or, for the fellow epicureans out there, a freshly baked pizza.

You can't help but appreciate the thoughtfulness of including a Peak Design phone mount. In an era of GPS and on-the-move playlists, a vibration-protected phone mount with magnetic locking is just what the modern rider needs.

What truly stands out is UBCO's commitment to sustainability. These bikes are born in the picturesque terrains of New Zealand, designed with the environment at heart. They aren’t just a temporary fling; they're built to last. And when their time comes, they can be refurbished and recycled. Plus, the ongoing development of eco-friendly battery chemistries gives hope for a greener tomorrow.

Riding the UBCO promises a blend of power and simplicity. Its all-wheel drive ensures optimal control whether you're cruising through city lanes or challenging rugged trails. And with a top speed of 30mph, a commendable range of 75 miles, and the ability to carry up to 330lbs, it's clear that this machine is as robust as it is stylish.

Every detail of the Special Edition resonates with the promise of adventure. Its electric motor, present in each wheel, ensures you have control, irrespective of the terrain. And safety hasn't been compromised. LED headlights, reflectors, and an enhanced braking system keep you visible and responsive on the road.

And after a day's ride, parking this beauty is a breeze. It boasts a lightweight frame, so whether you're pulling it into your apartment or a parking garage, it promises convenience. Plus, with security features like a battery lock and steering lock, it's clear UBCO has got your back.

In essence, the UBCO 2X2 Special Edition is more than just a bike. It’s an experience. It's a call to explore, to break free. Whether you're running errands or navigating a forest trail, this bike promises to be your loyal companion. So, urbanites looking for that dash of adventure in their daily grind, here’s your steed. Happy riding!


  1. Striking Design: With its limited edition green and electric orange palette, the bike is bound to turn heads and make a statement.
  2. Enhanced Braking System: The revitalized braking system, including regenerative braking, assures better control and efficient energy usage.
  3. Versatile Storage Options: The built-in central tote and compact rear duffle, combined with expandable compartments, cater to various storage needs.
  4. Sustainability: UBCO's eco-conscious approach ensures the bike is designed to be refurbished and recycled, pointing towards a responsible EV future.
  5. Performance: The bike’s all-wheel drive provides optimal control across terrains, combined with a commendable speed of 30mph and a range of 75 miles.
  6. Safety Features: The addition of LED headlights, reflectors, and an enhanced braking system ensures a safer ride.
  7. Easy Parking & Storage: Its lightweight frame and security features, such as battery and steering locks, make parking and storage hassle-free.
  8. All-Terrain Capability: With an electric motor in each wheel, riders can confidently navigate both city streets and off-road trails.


  1. Price Point: At $6,999, it might be considered steep for some potential buyers, especially when compared to other e-bikes in the market.
  2. Limited Edition Colors: The special colors, while unique, may not appeal to everyone’s tastes.
  3. Weight: Despite its lightweight frame, the bike still weighs 156lbs (with battery), which could be cumbersome for some to maneuver in certain situations.
  4. Charge Time: A charge time of 4-6 hours might be considered long, especially if one is in need of a quick turnaround.
  5. Top Speed Limitation: The 30mph top speed, while sufficient for city riding, may not satisfy those looking for higher speeds.
  6. Special Edition Limitation: Being a limited edition might mean fewer units available, making it hard for everyone interested to get their hands on one.


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