Wonder Fitter Indoor Archery at Home

Virtual archery with a realistic bow

Wonder Fitter allows you to hunt or shoot at targets with a bow and arrow at the comfort of your home. It simulates real archery by using a real recurve bow and blunt dry-firing arrows. The pulling motion and the holding of the bow can tone specific muscle groups and improve mental focus. It might also improve your archery skills to a certain extent.

Targets are presented on screen using the Wonder Fitter app on your phone projected to the TV. After calibrating the magnetometer and gyroscope, you shoot at the screen as if it was a real target. The arrow does not leave the bow when you release it but goes into a tube that stops it. Accuracy is achieved through sensors that analyzes speed 10,000 times per second and angle 1,000 times per second.

The Wonder Fitter is a fun alternative to traditional games where kids just sit around with a controller all day. If it makes you itch for real archery outdoors, simply remove the arrow catcher and use real arrows. Any normal arrow is compatible with the Wonder Fitter bow.

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