Dr Massage Prowlr non-percussive orbital massage gun

Kneads and sweeps like a masseur

Most massage guns are percussive and while they're great, sometimes a kneading motion is better. A professional massage is usually in a kneading and sweeping motion anyway and percussive massage may not always be suitable. The Prowlr by Dr Massage uses this kneading and sweeping motion to encourage blood flow, muscle fiber realignment, and trigger point destruction. It features 3 speed settings (1200, 1500, and 1800 rpm) and 3 interchangeable massage heads to give the perfect pressure and intensity where your muscles need it. The massage heads have removable covers for easy washing. The device is very quiet at all speed settings compared to percussive massagers.

The Prowlr can run up to 10 hours on the lowest speed setting, 6 hours on the second setting, and 4 hours on the highest speed setting. The run time is based on idle when no pressure is applied to it so actual usage time may be lower. A full charge from empty takes 2-3 hours.

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