WhiteShark MIX Mini Double Propeller Water Scooter

If you want to enjoy the water without without knowing how to swim you best bet is to use the shallow side of the pool or use the WhiteShark MIX Water Scooter by Sublue Tech to swim like a dolphin.

The WhiteShark MIX is a small underwater scooter with double propellers for a smooth underwater glide. You can activate the propellers by squeezing the triggers on the handle. Letting go of either one of the triggers will stop the propellers. It’s so easy to operate even kids can do it.

If you let go the MIX in the water, it will float back to the surface so you don’t have to worry about dropping it. The propellers have a protective net around it to prevent accidents.

The batteries last for an hour and it also comes with a GoPro mount

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