SPECTRA – Small Handsfree Electric Skateboard

The problem with most electric skateboards is that they’re huge. It can get in the way when you’re traveling. One solution is to get the Mellow Board and stick it on a small deck. But before you do, check out SPECTRA.

SPECTRA is a small electric skateboard that is control by where and how you’re standing on the board. They call it the “ever-learning 3D posture control algorithm”. You don’t need a remote or app to control the board so you can ride handsfree. Basically you lean forward to accelerate and backward to decelerate and brake though it might need a little bit of getting used to.

You can still control the board with the app if you want to for whatever reason.

There are four versions of the SPECTRA available as of writing. The SPECTRA Mini has a top speed of 12.4mph and 6.5 mile range; the SPECTRA Advanced and Pro has a top speed of 15.5mph and 12.4 mile range; and the SPECTRA Silver has a top speed of 21.7mph and 20 mile range.

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