Waymark Gear Lite 50L Backpack: Tailored for Hikers Who Value Comfort

Eco-friendly, ergonomic, durable, adjustable, spacious

In the vast world of backpacking, the Waymark Gear Lite 50L backpack stands out not just for its utility but also for the innovation and consideration that's been poured into its design. When the road calls and the mountains beckon, here’s a pack that might just be your best travel buddy.

Crafted from sustainable ECOPAK EPX200 fabric, the Waymark Gear Lite takes environmental considerations in its stride. However, it's not just its eco-friendliness that catches the eye. This 50L pack, with its internal frame supported by two removable aluminum stays, is a dream for distance hikers, especially those who need to haul significant amounts of water or prefer to pack a bit more luxuriously for weekend escapades.

One of the first things to note is its incredible fit – it’s especially tailored for larger backpackers, ensuring a comfortable journey without the usual gripes of tight straps and insufficient padding. The articulating shoulder straps, with their daisy chain webbing loops, make attaching accessories a breeze, while the updated hip belt system ensures an intimate fit around your hips with one simple tug. Moreover, for those hikes where lumbar support is a must, the 3D mesh and foam padding combination promises to keep discomfort at bay.

Ever found yourself fumbling to access your water bottle from the side pocket? Waymark has reimagined this with their elasticized side pockets that are angled backward, ensuring that your hydration is always within easy reach. This updated design, along with the 3D gusset, optimizes the volume available for your water bottles and other gear.

Now, every seasoned hiker knows the importance of adaptability, and Waymark delivers on this front. Whether you're carrying a BV500 Bear canister, your cozy sleeping pad, or just a jacket to brace against the evening chill, the over-the-top “Y” compression ensures that your gear remains secure atop your pack.

The meticulous thought put into the sizing and fit is commendable. With varied sizes from XS to L/XL, the pack accommodates torso lengths from 13″ to 23″, ensuring that regardless of your stature, there's a Waymark Lite 50L out there that's perfect for you. And if you’re unsure about the size, Waymark Gear Co. offers a 14-day guarantee. You can try the pack, feel its fit, and if it’s not what you had in mind, they’ve got your back with easy exchanges.

To sum up, the Waymark Gear Lite 50L backpack is not just another pack in the market; it’s a testament to what innovation coupled with a genuine understanding of a backpacker's needs can achieve. Whether you're on a long-distance expedition, a short weekend jaunt, or anything in between, this pack is worth considering. After all, the journey matters just as much as the destination, and it's essential to have a reliable companion by your side.

Pros of the Waymark Gear Lite 50L Backpack:

  1. Sustainable Material: Crafted from Recycled ECOPAK EPX200 fabric, it's an eco-friendly option for conscious backpackers.
  2. Versatile Fit: Tailored especially for larger backpackers, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for varying body sizes.
  3. Adaptive Design: The articulating shoulder straps and the unique hip belt system promise easy adjustments and a better fit.
  4. Optimal Lumbar Support: The 3D mesh and foam padding in the lumbar area is designed for enhanced comfort during long hikes.
  5. Easy Access Pockets: Elasticized side pockets are angled backward, simplifying the task of grabbing a water bottle or gear.
  6. Versatile Gear Accommodation: The “Y” compression system allows secure attachment of various items like bear canisters, sleeping pads, and jackets.
  7. Multiple Sizes: Available in sizes ranging from XS to L/XL, catering to various torso lengths.
  8. 14-Day Guarantee: Waymark offers a generous trial period, allowing users to test and ensure the right fit and feel.

Cons of the Waymark Gear Lite 50L Backpack:

  1. Weight: Weighing just over 2 pounds, it might be a tad heavy for ultra-lightweight backpackers.
  2. Price: With an MSRP of $280, it might be considered expensive for some potential users.
  3. Volume Discrepancy: Despite being advertised as a 50L pack, the total volume for some sizes is slightly less (e.g., 47.8 liters for the XS and S/M torso sizes).
  4. Optional Hip Belt Pocket: While one pocket is included, an additional pocket comes at an extra cost, potentially increasing the overall price for those who want the added feature.
  5. Limited Maximum Weight: The pack is designed for a max carry weight of 35 lbs, which might limit some users who carry heavier loads.


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