Loaded Fathom: A Longboard Like No Other – Experience Stability and Speed Now

Revolutionary urban-adventure longboard

There's a feeling that some get, drifting through new and familiar cities, on the cusp of adventure and exploration. That sense of freedom, the wind against your face, and the hum of wheels against the tarmac. And while many tools can take you there, the Loaded Fathom has carved out a niche of its own.

The Fathom is not just another longboard; it's an embodiment of the urban adventurer's dream. It effortlessly blurs the line between a skateboard and a bike, delivering speed and momentum that one might expect from a set of wheels far larger and more cumbersome. With a wheel size going up to a whopping 105mm, it's a beast built to cover ground. You could be aiming for a vigorous workout or just getting to work on time; this board promises not only to get you there but to make the journey exhilarating.

Now, let's talk about its build. The core of the Fathom lies in its 8-ply maple construction. This isn't just about durability; it's about a certain kind of flex, a road-smoothing suspension that feels just right beneath your feet. The board itself possesses lifted corners with a more aggressive grip tape. It’s not just a feature—it's a commitment to safety, ensuring that your feet stay where they're supposed to be.

Control is crucial when you're pushing limits, and the Fathom ensures that in spades. Its low ride height, combined with a generous width, offers stability even at higher speeds. You won't feel those jitters that come with some boards; instead, you're left with a sense of confidence, the feeling that the board is a natural extension of yourself.

But beyond the mechanics and design lies a heart, a spirit that's evident in the graphic inspired by the historic Polynesian expansion. It's a nod to our shared human spirit of adventure, of pushing boundaries, and exploring the unknown. It's an homage to those brave souls who ventured out into the vast oceans, guided by stars and a sense of purpose.

The Zee Bracket is another piece of engineering brilliance. This proprietary composite bracket allows for double-drop truck mounting, giving the board its unique agility and function. And for those who enjoy a touch of customization, there's an option to 3D print your own tail nub. Whether it's to pop your board up or balance it vertically, it's these little touches that showcase the board's versatility.

As for choices, the Loaded Fathom offers two setups: The 105mm Dad Bod and the 85mm Caguama. While the Dad Bod setup has this undeniable momentum and can cruise over almost any terrain, the Caguama provides a delightful quick acceleration and a lower stance. But if you were to ask around at Loaded, the Dad Bod is the preferred choice for its sheer rollover power.

In essence, the Loaded Fathom is more than just a longboard. It's a call to adventure, a companion for those city explorers and wanderers at heart. Whether you're a novice stepping onto a board for the first time or a seasoned skater looking for the next thrill, the Fathom welcomes all. It promises not just a ride, but an experience. So, next time you're itching to explore, let the Fathom be your guide. Happy riding.


  1. Versatility: Bridges the gap between skateboard and bike, suitable for both rigorous workouts and casual commuting.
  2. Ease of Use: Designed to be one of the easiest boards to ride, making it ideal for novices and seasoned skaters alike.
  3. Speed and Momentum: Large wheels, especially the 105mm Dad Bod setup, provide incredible speed and coasting ability.
  4. Stability and Control: Low ride height and wide deck ensure stability at high speeds, while the upturned deck corners reduce the risk of footbite.
  5. Durable Construction: 8-ply maple construction ensures longevity and resilience.
  6. Aesthetically Pleasing: Graphic inspired by the Polynesian expansion evokes a sense of adventure and history.
  7. Customizable: Offers two setups (Dad Bod and Caguama) for varied riding experiences, plus a 3D-printable tail nub for additional functionality.
  8. Innovative Zee Bracket System: Allows for unique double-drop truck mounting, contributing to the board's agility.


  1. Weight: At 9.6 lb for the Dad Bod setup, it might be considered heavy for some users.
  2. Price: With a tag of $389, it could be seen as a significant investment, especially for novices.
  3. Limit on Aggressive Pumping: Riders between 250-300 lb are advised to minimize aggressive pumping, indicating potential durability concerns for heavier users.
  4. Lack of Variety in Graphics: The current graphic, while artistic, might not cater to everyone's taste, and there doesn’t seem to be other options available.
  5. Size Limitation: While its size is an advantage for stability, it might be cumbersome for some users, especially when carrying it around or stowing under desks.


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