Wavejet Watercraft – Motorised Surfing and More

Fast and Clean

If you love the idea of self-propelled surfboards like the Jet Surf but want something more environmentally friendly and quiet, check out the WaveJet. It uses a battery powered “Power Pod” that can take you across the water at up to 12 mph (19.3 kph) for up to about 45 minutes. 

A full charge takes about 7 hours. It's not as fast as fast the Jet Surf, but the Power Pod can be used with other WaveJet-ready watercraft including “traditional surfboards, SUP’s, Fishing SUP’s, Rescue Boards, Body Boards, and now kayaks and custom boards.”

The twin jet propellers are controlled via a Wrist Controller that also monitors the charge levels.


  • Encourages you to go for bigger surf
  • Great for surfers with disabilities
  • Great for surfers who don't have stamina
  • Powerful


  • Expensive
  • Not as fast as Jet Surf
  • Takes 7 hours to charge


WaveJet power allows the younger, fitter surfers to test their steel by paddling into some bigger surf than they would normally.

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