Jet Surf – Board with an Engine Makes Waves Optional

Put an engine inside a surf board and suddenly you don't need waves anymore. In traditional surfing, most of your time is spent waiting and in the case of crowded area, queuing for waves. There's also all the the pedalling out to sea. Of course there's nothing wrong with this and you can derive enjoyment (and even benefit) from almost everything.

But if you want to spend most of your time surfing instead the JetSurf will likely put a smile on your face. You can jump the waves as well as surf them and it's very agile. Thanks to its 17 HP engine and a 2.5 litres fuel capacity, the JetSurf can take you up to 57 km/hr and lets you cruise around in the water for about 1 hour.

More info (electric version is also available)

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