Vivobarefoot Novus combines multi-terrain outsole with Urban Styling

Made for any terrain with style

Vivobarefoot Novus is a shoe made to be stylish for the urban environment but with an outsole that can traverse through virtually any terrain. Like all Vivobarefoot shoes it is also designed to provide the sensation of being connected to the ground while also protecting your feet from the elements. A wide toe box allows the toes to spread naturally, promoting better balance and stability.

The Novus has a Michelin Esc Sole, which features a high performance rubber and an aggressive lug design for grip even in the most challenging terrain. Due to the lug design, the sole acts like claws when climbing and brakes during a descent.

The design of the Novus is simple yet stylish, suitable for everyday wear with an upper made of naturally breathable, water-resistant and metal-free leather.

The Novus comes in either the mid-height version (Novus Mid) or the lower-cut version (Novus). The Novus Mid has a higher ankle collar that provides more coverage and support for your ankles. It's also more suited for the winter month as the higher ankle collar keeps less heat from escaping.

The lower-cut Novus is suited for warmer weather and it's also for those who prefer a more breathable shoe. The lower ankle collar also allows for greater ankle mobility and flexibility. And because it uses less material than the Novus Mid, it's also slightly cheaper.

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