Ural Gear Up Expedition: The Ultimate Motorcycle Adventure Awaits

Rugged, Adventurous, Reliable, Stylish, Comprehensive

There's a certain allure in venturing the unknown, pushing boundaries, and tackling terrains, from the bustling heartbeat of a city to the silent call of the wild. The Ural Gear Up Expedition Motorcycle speaks to this inner spirit of adventure.

Imagine a motorcycle robust and rugged, echoing the resilience of a Jeep, yet still retaining the spirit of an open road cruiser. This is precisely what the Ural Gear Up Expedition offers. Its two-wheel-drive mechanism, paired with a sidecar, promises to conquer both the tarmac and the trail.

Each turn of its wheel, each roar of its engine seems to beckon the unchartered terrains of our world. As for the sidecar, it's not just an addition – it's an invitation for a partner in crime, be it a friend, a loved one, or even a canine companion, to join in on the escapades.

Color plays a significant role in evoking emotion, and the Ural designers have clearly crafted the Expedition with emotion in mind. The Colza Field, with its vibrant yellow layered over deep green, takes one back to endless fields where nature blooms in its prime. The Polar Dawn, a blend of orange over blue, paints a picture of arctic sunrises, reminding one of chilly dawns and pristine snow. Then there’s Ember Flame, a bold terracotta against sleek silver, a nod to the urban jungles where steel giants kiss the sky. And no matter where you are or where you're headed, that quirky 23.5-degree stripe, mirroring Earth’s axial tilt, is a testament to the Ural’s promise: to ride anywhere, with a flair uniquely its own.

But the Ural is more than just its aesthetics. It's a symphony of parts and features that come together to offer an unparalleled riding experience. On-Demand 2WD ensures adaptability to changing terrains. The motorcycle’s LED sidecar fog lights, protective features like the reinforced crash bar and skid plate, and utility elements like the folding shovel and the Ural toolkit are thoughtful additions. They don’t just serve a function; they tell a story, whispering tales of campfires under the stars or navigating through an unfamiliar town.

Its engine, a 749 cc “boxer”, promises reliability and power. Whether you're darting through city traffic or trudging along mountainous terrains, its efficient fuel economy ensures you go the distance. And speaking of distances, with a comfortable seat height and a passenger-friendly design, those long rides are going to be nothing short of pleasurable.

At its price point, it's clear the Ural Gear Up Expedition isn't for everyone. But then again, it's not trying to be. It's for those with stories to tell and adventures to live. It's for the restless souls who view the horizon not as an end, but as a beginning.

So, if you’re looking to add more pages to your book of adventures, the Ural Gear Up Expedition might just be the vehicle to guide your journey. Because at the end of the day, it's not about the destination, but the ride. Safe travels.


  1. Two-Wheel-Drive Mechanism: Similar to a Jeep's functionality, ensuring better traction in challenging terrains.
  2. Fully Equipped for Adventures: Comes with added luggage space, tougher protection for both bike and sidecar, matching windshields, and an upgraded suspension.
  3. Unique Aesthetics: Three distinct colorways, representing various terrains, cater to diverse tastes and evoke strong emotions.
  4. Utility Features: Includes a folding shovel, Ural toolkit, and Jerry can, ensuring preparedness for off-road adventures.
  5. Safety & Protection: Offers reinforced crash bar, skid plate, sidecar fog lights, and other protective elements ensuring rider and bike safety.
  6. Powerful Engine: The 749 cc “boxer” engine offers reliability and adequate power for most terrains.
  7. Efficient Fuel Economy: Provides a decent range for long rides without frequent refueling.
  8. Sidecar Design: Allows for a companion to share the journey, enhancing the adventure experience.
  9. Earth's Axial Tilt Stripe: The 23.5-degree stripe adds a unique design element and showcases the brand's attention to detail.
  10. Comprehensive Warranty: 2-years parts and labor with unlimited mileage offers peace of mind.


  1. Price Point: Starting at $31,440, the motorcycle may be considered expensive for some potential buyers.
  2. Weight: At 730 lbs dry weight, it's on the heavier side, which might make it challenging to handle for some riders.
  3. Limited Top Speed: A recommended max cruising speed of 70 mph may not be sufficient for those seeking high-speed thrills.
  4. Fuel Efficiency: An estimated fuel economy of 31-37 mpg may not be the best in its class.
  5. Seat Height: At 32 inches (unladen), it might be a bit high for shorter riders.
  6. Specialized Use: Its rugged design and sidecar may not be ideal for everyday city commuting for some riders.
  7. Maintenance: Given its unique design and features, maintenance could potentially be more specialized and costly compared to more standard motorcycles.

From $31,440

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