Crystal Kayak by The Crystal Kayak Company: See the Ocean Like Never Before

Transparent, Durable, Unique, Lightweight, Mesmerizing

Ah, the open water – an expansive canvas of wonders hidden just beneath the surface. The Crystal Kayak beckons to those with an insatiable curiosity, offering a gateway to the aquatic realm in the purest and most intimate manner.

Diving into its features, the transparency of the kayak is its true magic. Whether you're leisurely paddling across a serene lake or navigating the crisscross channels of a mangrove, the underwater ballet of fish, turtles, and starfish is laid bare beneath you. Imagine the gentle, enigmatic manatee grazing by, or the kaleidoscope of plant life swaying to the currents – all visible as if you were floating on an invisible vessel.

The Crystal Kayak's design exudes both strength and sophistication. Crafted from GE™ Lexan™, a marvel of modern material science known for its impressive durability and versatility, the kayak promises resilience. With a track record that boasts applications from bullet-resistant glass to the protective visors of sports helmets, this kayak is bound to withstand the trials of nature. And should you doubt its robustness, the 2-Year Warranty on the hull and frame stands as a testament to the company's confidence in its creation.

Weighing in at a manageable 48 lbs, and stretching to an 11-foot hull, the kayak’s thoughtful center bar ensures ease of portage – either by one's lonesome or with the aid of the Crystal Kayak Trolley. Furthermore, the kayak's versatile design accommodates both the solo adventurer and the tandem explorers.

Included with your purchase are adjustable seats that promise comfort, safety floats draped in a sleek black for discretion, and a skeg. The paddles provided are not mere afterthoughts. The basic aluminum option is already a notch above the rest, while the deluxe carbon fiber variant promises enhanced performance and user comfort.

Ah, and a cherry atop this alluring sundae: free assembly. The meticulous construction process, from computer-designed hull moulding to precision laser-guided perforations, all culminate in a product that's #ClearlyBetter. Plus, a little nudge to the wise – if you’re considering accessories, bundle them up with your initial purchase to save on those pesky shipping charges.

For our brave souls in the military and as first responders, there's a gesture of gratitude with a 15% discount.

In summation, the Crystal Kayak isn’t just a vessel; it’s an experience. A harmonious blend of engineering and artistry that offers an unparalleled view of the water's depths. Dive in, and let the world beneath the waves enchant you. Happy paddling.


  1. Unique Viewing Experience: The transparent design provides an unparalleled view of the underwater world, enhancing the overall kayaking experience.
  2. Durable Material: Made from GE™ Lexan™, known for its high-impact resistance and versatility, ensuring longevity.
  3. Adaptable Design: Suitable for both single and double riders, offering flexibility based on user preferences.
  4. Lightweight & Portable: Weighing 48 lbs with an 11-foot hull and a center bar for easy carrying.
  5. Comprehensive Package: Comes with adjustable seats, safety floats, a skeg, and basic aluminum paddles. An upgrade option for carbon fiber paddles is available.
  6. Free Assembly: A limited-time offer that saves users the hassle and additional costs of setting up.
  7. Quality Assurance: An industry-leading 2-Year Warranty on the hull and frame.
  8. Military and First Responder Discount: A 15% discount is a commendable gesture of appreciation.


  1. Price Point: At $2,599, the kayak might be on the pricier side for some enthusiasts.
  2. Maintenance: The transparent material may require regular cleaning to maintain its clear view, especially in murky waters or after extended use.
  3. Potential Scratches: Transparent materials, although durable, might show scratches more visibly over time.
  4. Stability in Rough Waters: While it's designed for a range of conditions, its performance in very choppy waters or strong currents is not specified.
  5. Upgrade Costs: While the basic paddles are included, upgrading to the deluxe carbon fiber paddles comes with an additional cost


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