Unleashing the Power of the Trike: XOTO Founder’s Edition’s 3-Wheeled Design & High Speed

Innovative, Fast, Safe, Accessible, Exciting

There's a wild new beast prowling our urban streets, and it goes by the name of XOTO. This sleek predator, rolling out from the workshop of a California-based startup, isn't the commonplace two-wheeled creature you'd expect, nor is it an average trike. With its three wheels strategically arranged, it's a kind of urban chameleon, perfectly designed to blend into city streets, carving curves with a sense of safety and exhilaration that's nothing short of astounding.

Now, before you draw up comparisons with other three-wheeled steeds like Piaggio's MP3, let me tell you, the XOTO Founder's Edition carves its own niche. Rather than two wheels at the front and a lonely one at the back, this unique creature sports a duo of wheels at the rear end. With a patented self-stabilizing mechanism, this peculiar setup enables a maximum lean of 45-degrees. This means more stability, control, maneuverability, and an enjoyable, immersive riding experience that's as close to flying as you can get on the ground.

At the heart of this mechanical marvel, we find a potent 3-kW brushless motor, neatly tucked into the front wheel hub. With this, you can cruise comfortably around town or push the beast to its top speed of 45 mph, feeling the wind whip around your face, the city blurring past you.

What's more, the XOTO's range is nothing to scoff at. With up to 45 miles on a single battery life, you'll have plenty of juice to roam around the city. And for those of you with a real sense of adventure, the batteries can be swapped out in mere minutes, practically giving you an endless city to explore.

As far as aesthetics go, the XOTO offers a trio of colors: an earthy Green, a bold Blue, and a classic Black. Each one, with its glossy finish, gives this urban prowler a distinctive personality, allowing you to express your own unique taste in urban mobility.

Let me tell you, though, riding the XOTO isn't just a means of getting from A to B. It's an adventure, a journey, a tale waiting to be written. As its designer Tim Huntzinger says, it's “a totally different riding experience.” With a lower barrier to entry and no need for a motorcycle license in many states, it invites everyone into its narrative, regardless of skill level.

In conclusion, this isn't just another electric scooter – it's a revolution on wheels. The XOTO is not just about the destination, but also the thrill of the journey. It embodies a level of freedom, fun, and practicality that redefines our expectations of urban mobility. It's clear this lean, mean, urban machine is set to change the game, and it's an adventure I highly recommend you embark on.


  1. Safety and Stability: The XOTO’s patented 3-wheeled leaning design enhances safety and stability over a 2-wheeled scooter. The self-stabilizing mechanism at the two rear wheels allows for a maximum 45-degree lean, providing better control and maneuverability.
  2. High Performance: With a top speed of 45 MPH, the XOTO offers competitive performance. The cornering capabilities are notable, making city rides a thrilling experience.
  3. Decent Range: XOTO can achieve up to 45 miles on a single battery life. An additional pro is that the batteries can be swapped out in minutes for virtually unlimited range.
  4. Accessible: Unlike many motorcycles, the XOTO does not require a motorcycle license to ride in many states. It is easier to ride and safer, hence lowering the entry barrier for interested riders.
  5. Design and Color Choices: The unique three-wheel design makes it a standout product. The color choices (Green, Blue, or Black) allow for a degree of personalization.


  1. Cost: At $7,499.00, the XOTO Founder's Edition may be priced out of reach for many potential customers. It is significantly more expensive than most e-scooters and even some motorcycles.
  2. Learning Curve: Despite its promise of being beginner-friendly, the three-wheeled, leaning design of the XOTO may still present a learning curve for users accustomed to conventional two-wheel scooters or bicycles.
  3. Battery Life: While a range of 45 miles may be ample for short city rides, it might not suffice for longer trips. Although the battery can be swapped out, carrying extra batteries could be inconvenient for some users.
  4. Limited Availability: As of now, the XOTO is only available in a small batch in the US, which might limit its accessibility for interested riders in other regions.
  5. Practicality: While it may offer a different and exciting ride, its practicality in terms of cargo capacity and comfort for carrying passengers compared to cars or larger motorcycles may be a concern.


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