Oboz Firebrand II Low Waterproof: Versatile and Durable, the Perfect Partner for Your Outdoor Expeditions

Rugged, Comfortable, Waterproof Hiking Companion

In the hiker's grand tapestry of adventure, there's an unspoken understanding of the importance of reliable footwear. It's a romance of sorts, finding that ideal balance between durability and comfort, a dance between function and aesthetics. So, for all you trailblazers, mountain ascenders, or casual strollers, let me introduce you to a partner that is bound to elevate your outdoor pursuits – the Oboz Firebrand II Low Waterproof.

A conundrum, this pair, as it deliciously blurs the boundary between a shoe and a boot. Picture a narrow heel, designed for that snug embrace, flaring out to a wider toe, a strategy to ward off those dreaded blisters. And they're cunningly deceitful too, offering boot-like stability, all the while maintaining the lightness of a low-top shoe.

Their performance on the rough and tumble trails is near to a passionate tango on the dancefloor. The secret? Sidewall lugs and Sawtooth lugs underneath, offering an unhinged amount of traction. You might find yourself not just stepping, but rather owning the ground beneath you. And they're prepared for the long haul, with a thick cushioning that seems primed for those multi-day expeditions, cradling your feet like a lullaby after an exhausting day of adventure.

But don't be fooled into thinking they are just muscular brutes. They exhibit an elegant breathability, courtesy of the wide mesh vents, while boasting a shield-like defense against the elements with the B-DRY leather membranes. Imagine walking through dew-kissed grass, without the worry of dampness seeping in – it's a tantalising freedom, isn't it?

The Oboz Firebrand II Low Waterproof is versatile and durable, armored with an abrasion-resistant mesh upper and a sturdy molded rubber toe cap. It's got that finesse, a sleek, lower-volume profile, a handsome chameleon adapting to any occasion, any terrain, any condition.

Let's not forget the dancefloor for your feet, the insole. It's their pièce de résistance, the proprietary O Fit Insole, purpose-designed and molded to the specific shape of every pair. It's an industry anomaly that offers a fit and performance that's near to a custom, hand-tailored suit.

The midsole, much like a trusted companion, offers a dual-density EVA construction that provides cushioning and stability, the nylon shank adding an extra layer of support. And for those faithful to the long trails, the Sawtooth Outsole becomes your cult favorite, a classic built to be as versatile, flexible, and supportive as your most reliable adventure companion.

The Oboz Firebrand II Low Waterproof shoes, my friends, are a synthesis of grit and comfort, a mix of sturdiness and versatility. While priced at £150, consider it not as an expense, but an investment, into countless hours of comfortable hiking and trekking, where your focus can be solely on the captivating beauty of the world around you, and less on the path beneath you. So venture forth, embrace the wilderness, and let these shoes carry your wanderlust-filled spirit wherever it desires.


  1. Versatility: The shoe effectively blurs the line between hiking boots and low-top shoes, providing robustness along with flexibility.
  2. Fit and Comfort: A narrower heel and wider toe box design minimize the risk of blisters and ensure a snug fit. The dense underfoot cushioning is excellent for multi-day expeditions.
  3. Traction: The sidewall and Sawtooth lugs underneath offer superior traction, improving stability and safety on diverse terrains.
  4. Breathability and Waterproof: The wide mesh vents facilitate breathability, while the B-DRY leather membranes provide waterproof protection.
  5. Proprietary Insole: The O Fit Insole is specifically molded to match the shape and construction of each pair, offering unique fit, feel, and performance.
  6. Durable Construction: The shoe features a leather and abrasion-resistant mesh upper and a molded rubber toe cap for enhanced protection and longevity.


  1. Price: Priced at £150, the shoes could be considered a bit on the higher end for some customers.
  2. Weight: While providing the sturdiness of a hiking boot, the shoes may be heavier than typical low-top hiking shoes, which might not be suitable for those preferring ultra-lightweight options.
  3. Lower Ankle Support: Despite their boot-like traits, these shoes may not offer the same level of ankle support that traditional hiking boots provide, which could be a consideration for those with weaker ankles or tackling more challenging terrains.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: Depending on personal preference, the blend between a shoe and a boot may not appeal to everyone in terms of style.
  5. Limited Colors/Designs: As of now, it's unclear if there are multiple color options or designs available to suit varying tastes.


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