Unleash the Outdoors with GORUCK Mackall: Your All-Terrain Rucking Companion

Rugged. Supportive. Durable. Grippy. Versatile

The hardest journeys, the most rugged trails, and the harshest terrains often demand equipment that's as tenacious as the human spirit itself. Drawing inspiration from the very foundation of Special Forces training, the Goruck Mackall All-Terrain Rucking Shoes stand as a testament to resilience. Born from the spirit of Camp Mackall, a place that has honed generations of warfighters, these shoes echo the essence of readiness.

Diving right into what makes these shoes the go-to choice for those who tread the unconventional path, we're introduced to a carefully formulated triple compound rubber outsole. Just as a painter would use different brushes for distinct effects, each section of the outsole serves a unique purpose. The forefoot boasts an increased grip, shedding mud effortlessly and wrapping around the toes as if it's standing guard against rocks and the unpredictable elements of the great outdoors. The midfoot is sculpted from a compound worthy of rock climbers, emphasizing exceptional resistance to abrasion – a feature those familiar with fast-roping will appreciate. The heel, dense in its design, promises to hold its ground, neither breaking down over time nor compromising on durability.

The heart of any shoe, its midsole, is meticulously designed in the Mackall. Wrapping seamlessly around the upper, it offers unyielding support. And for those long days, when every step feels like a mile, such unwavering support ensures that your feet don't surrender to fatigue. Whether you're in combat, on an adventurous travel expedition, or simply pushing your limits, these shoes are up for the challenge.

The shoe's upper tells a tale of strength and breathability, crafted entirely from a 230 g/sqm polyester knit. Lightweight and drying faster than one might anticipate, this material doesn't falter even in unforgiving conditions. Strategic reinforcements in high-wear areas, courtesy of a protective TPU film, serve as armor where it's needed most. Couple this with a dual-layered toe cap, which stands vigilant against any and all threats of abrasion, and you've got footwear that's not merely durable but also protective.

A unique touch is the shoe's heel-to-toe drop, measured at 13mm. This particular offset is engineered keeping rucking in mind. By reducing strain on the Achilles and subsequently other parts of the leg, it caters to the human foot's natural gait, even when faced with unnatural terrains. The spacious toe box ensures that as your feet inevitably swell from exertion, they have room to breathe, minimizing internal friction.

Yet, even as they are robust, these shoes don't compromise on the smaller comforts. The 3mm speed laces, lighter and more efficient than their 5mm counterparts, are a nod to practicality. A reflective pull tab acts as a beacon, a small but crucial safety feature for the path less traveled. The anatomically molded TPU heel counter, 3D molded heel lock, and the dual-density insert all come together to promise comfort without sacrificing the shoe's rugged nature.

Constructed in Vietnam, and in line with the GORUCK ethos, a portion from every sale of these shoes is directed towards non-profits that back those who serve. From military personnel, veterans, and first responders to educators and community pillars like military spouses, GORUCK's commitment to giving back is evident.

In the vast realm of outdoor footwear, the Goruck Mackall All-Terrain Rucking Shoes are more than just a pair of shoes. They're a legacy, a commitment, and a challenge to be ready for anything. The wilderness awaits, and with these shoes, you're more than prepared to answer its call.


  1. Triple Compound Rubber Outsole: Each section is designed for a specific function, ensuring grip, resistance to abrasion, and overall durability.
  2. Midsole Design: Offers comprehensive stability and support for extended periods of wear.
  3. Material: Made from 100% polyester knit, ensuring the shoes are lightweight and quick-drying.
  4. Protective Features: Dual-layered toe cap and reinforced high-wear areas offer added protection against rough terrains.
  5. Heel-to-Toe Drop: 13mm offset caters to the natural human gait, reducing strain on the Achilles tendon.
  6. Spacious Toe Box: Designed to accommodate foot swelling and reduce internal friction.
  7. No Spacer Mesh: Ensures the shoes remain lightweight and don’t retain water.
  8. Additional Features: The shoes come with features like 3D molded heel lock, anatomically molded TPU heel counter, and dual-density insert, enhancing comfort and durability.
  9. Safety: Reflective pull tab keeps wearers visible in low light conditions.
  10. Charitable Aspect: A portion of the sales goes to non-profits supporting various service communities.


  1. Complex Design: With so many features, there might be a learning curve for users unfamiliar with such detailed footwear.
  2. Potentially Bulky: With all the protective and supportive features, they might be heavier than minimalist trail shoes.
  3. Material: While polyester knit is durable and lightweight, it might not be as breathable as some natural materials.
  4. Price Point: Given the array of features and technology, these shoes may be at a higher price point compared to simpler trail shoes.
  5. Specific Use: Designed primarily with rucking in mind, they might be over-engineered for casual hikers or walkers.


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