Umbrella Sports SmartGrip – Tech-enabled grip assistant

Durable and discreet

The SmartGrip is a golf accessory that is designed to help golfers improve their grip and swing habits, which are crucial to success on the golf course. It is a technology-enabled grip assistant that attaches to a compatible golf glove and uses a proprietary algorithm to detect both grip position and lie angle, making it virtually impossible to slice the golf ball. This leads to more confidence off the tee, more fun during the round, and lower scores.

One of the main benefits of SmartGrip is that it is durable and discreet. Made of the highest quality nylon polymer plastic, it is both water, scratch, and weather-resistant and can withstand a round in the snow or rain. It also has a green LED light that is visible even on the sunniest days. However, SmartGrip is mostly invisible to everyone else and is thoughtfully positioned on the glove in just a way where you are the only one who knows it's there.

SmartGrip is not only effective on the golf course during your round, but it can also be used in your garage, indoor golf simulator, or driving range, in order to maximize the amount of practice you can do prior to your round. Repetition is critical for breaking any habit, and SmartGrip was designed to be used virtually anywhere.

The device accelerates the learning curve and makes breaking bad grip and swing habits and turning them into new, healthy ones extremely simple and quicker than ever before. Developed with a built-in accelerometer, SmartGrip gives you the most accurate grip position and lie angle in real-time, making this a powerful secret weapon for golfers of all skill levels, including younger athletes.

The SmartGrip has a long-lasting battery life that provides over 50 rounds of use, and it is compatible with any Q-Mark supported golf glove. It is also permitted under the rules of golf by the USGA, making it a legal accessory to use during rounds. SmartGrip has been sold and played by customers in over 14 countries around the world since its launch in March 2022.

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