Ultra III JJF by VivoBarefoot & John John Florence: The Amphibious Shoe for Watersports

Innovative, sustainable, versatile, amphibious footwear

Ah, the great outdoors! There's a certain magnetism to it, isn't there? The endless allure of the open sea, the soft murmur of waves lapping at the shore, the cool tickle of wet sand beneath your feet… And then there's surfing – it's more than just a sport; it's a lifestyle, a ritual, a cosmic dance of man and nature.

That's where the Ultra III JJF steps into the picture. It's more than just a shoe, it's a symbiotic extension of your feet, designed with the spirit of the ocean in mind. Lightweight and versatile, these amphibious foot coverings bring you as close to nature as you can get without actually going barefoot. They're intended for those daring explorers who seek the thrill of the ocean waves and the secrets hidden along the shore.

Crafted with the insight of surfing titan John John Florence, the colorway of these shoes – Obsidian-Dark Shadow – mirrors the depth of the vast oceans, teeming with mystery. Crafted in China, the Ultra III JJF combines 90% EVA and 10% Bloom for the upper part of the shoe, with polyester and elastane laces offering both durability and flexibility.

What's truly innovative about these shoes is the outsole. It has a unique honeycomb design crafted from 5% algae BLOOM® foam. This innovative material grants you an exceptional grip, flexibility, and a complete barefoot feeling. It's designed to help you explore the land and the sea with equal ease.

And you know what's even better? These shoes dry swiftly, making them ideal for sailing, surfing, and pretty much any water sport you can think of. But this isn't just about sport – it's about living more authentically, more naturally. These shoes are recommended for strengthening foot muscles and enhancing sensory perception. It's a philosophy, a belief in our bodies' capacity to adapt, to grow stronger, to become more attuned to the world around us.

In conclusion, the Ultra III JJF isn't just footwear; it's an adventure, a companion, and a tool for reconnection – with nature, with the ocean, with ourselves. Go on, embrace the thrill of exploration, and let these shoes guide you on your journey. Because the journey, as we all know, is where the real magic lies.


  1. Lightweight and Versatile: These shoes are designed for various activities, especially water sports, and are easy to wear for extended periods thanks to their lightweight build.
  2. Amphibious Use: The quick-dry material and robust construction make them excellent for both land and sea exploration.
  3. Sustainability: With an outsole made of 5% algae BLOOM® foam, these shoes take a step toward environmental friendliness, which is a crucial consideration in today's world.
  4. Promotes Foot Health: The design of these shoes enhances sensory feedback and helps strengthen foot muscles, which can help reduce injury risk.
  5. Collaboration with John John Florence: The surfing legend's input adds credibility and authenticity to the shoe's design and functionality.


  1. Price: Priced at $130.00, these shoes may be considered expensive compared to other similar products on the market.
  2. Color Options: Currently, the shoes are only available in one colorway, Obsidian-Dark Shadow, which might limit choice for potential buyers.
  3. Sizing and Fit: As with any footwear, there could be potential issues with sizing and fit depending on individual foot shapes and sizes. Buyers might need to try them on before purchasing to ensure a comfortable fit.
  4. Durability Concerns: While the shoes are designed for rigorous activities, their durability over time, given the lightweight and flexible materials, might be a concern for some users.
  5. Manufactured in China: Some consumers may prefer products made locally or in specific countries known for their craftsmanship. This could potentially be a con for those buyers.


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