Therabody TheraFace Pro multi-tasking face massager

Massages, cleans, tones, and tightens facial skin

While massage guns are great for the muscles of your body, to soothe the muscles on your face you need something more gentle. Wellness-tech company Therabody's Theraface Pro is one such device.

Not only can it massage the stress out of your face with percussive therapy, the TheraFace Pro also does other things to keep your face relaxed and looking good by using a variety of attachments.

Included attachments

There are 6 attachments included with the TheraFace Pro:

  1. The LED light attachment with different settings for moderating acne, reducing wrinkles around the eyes, and temporarily reducing pain.
  2. A microcurrent ring to make the skin more firm and tight using a small electric current. Includes a 1.7 oz conductive gel.
  3. A cleansing ring for percussive-based face cleaning that enhances removal of pore-blocking debris and dead skin.
  4. A cone percussive head for precise targeting around eyew, nasolabial lines, and pressure points.
  5. A micro-point percussive head to maximize circulation for larger areas such as forehead and cheeks.
  6. A flat percussive head for general use to relief tension around the entire face.

For an extra $99 you also get a hot and cold ring attachment for reducing tension and pain, increasing blood flow, and for decreasing inflammation inflammation, muscle spasms, and puffiness under eyes.

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