Shift Robotics Moonwalkers – Sandals on powered wheels

Walk at the speed of running

No it's not like skating – more like, as the name suggests, moonwalking but forward instead of backward. It's a lot more chill than skating. Probably the closest experience similar to using the Shift Robotics Moonwalkers is walking on a travelator.

Moonwalkers uses Artificial Intelligence to adapt to the wearer's walking gait and make the speed boost seem natural. The user can maintain balance easily while going up to 7 mph. It is easy enough to use even on a busy sidewalk.

There's a shift mode and a lock mode. On shift mode, the wheels spin the match the speed in which you walk. Walk faster to accelerate and walk slower to decelerate.

Lock mode is used for going up stairs. To switch to lock mode from shift mode, simply lift your heel when stationary. And to switch back to shift mode, lift and turn your heel.

A brushless DC motor provides power to the 8 polyurethan (PU) wheels of each unit. PU wheels make up almost every skateboard a rolllerblade wheel on the market.

Range is 5-7 miles and charging takes about 1.5 hours via USB-C. It's perfect for commutes to the office if you live in the city and are within the Moonwalker's range.

The Moonwalkers can be strapped to normal footwear for convenience in daily use. It fits just about any shoe and has magnetic buckles.

It has an IP54 water-resistant rating meaning you don't have to worry about water sprays from all directions.

Currently the Moonwalker is a Kickstarter project.

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