Garmin Tacx NEO Bike Plus is designed to feel like riding outdoors

Indoor bike with a realistic road feel and simulated gradients

Garmin made riding the Tacx Neo Bike Plus so realistic you can even feel the road surface you're riding on. Choose from a variety of real-world courses to ride on at home using the Tacx training app.

The bike vibrates to simulate the surface you're riding on depending on the part of the course you are. When you're on gravel, it will feel like you're riding on gravel and when you're on cobblestones the vibration changes accordingly.

Whether it's a flat road, an incline or a downhill section, the Neo Bike Plus realistically simulates that too. Built-in interactive fans controlled by your power or heart rate simulate the wind when riding. The bike even mimics the sensation of chain jumping when changing gear. Shifters are programmable to replicate Shimano, Sram, or Campagnolo.

The Tacx Neo Bike Plus is unlike the typical indoor bike because it gives you a sensation of forward motion by way of technical wizardry. It's also one of the most silent indoor bike available with a well-balanced design ensures that it stays stable even when you sprint.

There's a 4.5″ display is for the the Tacx Training app where you can immerse yourself with videos of the available courses from around the world. You can even join “Ride with the Pros” challenges with Garmin sponsored team videos and race live opponents.

Even thought the Tacx Training app is a subscription, the bike itself can still function without the app. But it will default to a flat road with increasing resistance as you ride faster.


  • Looks great
  • Simulates riding outdoors
  • Works without subscription software
  • Smooth and programmable shifters
  • Silent


  • Expensive
  • For the full features, a subscription to the training app is required
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