The Unique 1988 Porsche 962: Fusing Racing Heritage and Roadworthy Conversion

Legendary Le Mans Racer Reimagined

As a lover of all things extraordinary, and a connoisseur of history and culture, stumbling upon this 1988 Porsche 962 stirred something deep within me. This isn't just a car, it's a time machine, a piece of history, a living testament to man's eternal quest to push the boundaries of possibility.

This machine – let's call her Lady Speed, for she's earned that title – carries with her the essence of the golden era of racing. In her veins flows the adrenaline rush of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the most prestigious motorsport event, where she valiantly claimed the 9th place in 1988. But the romance of Le Mans isn't merely about the winners; it's about the collective spirit, the relentless pursuit of speed, the intertwining ballet of man and machine, the unwavering belief in defying the odds.

Lady Speed's journey took a twist, as she was transformed from a thoroughbred racing legend to a road-legal machine. This is not a makeover; it's an evolution. She was reborn with creature comforts unheard of in a race car, like a handbrake, cooling fans, a rear view camera, and even an intercom for casual conversation between passengers – something the car's original designers might laugh at. But in this transformation, Lady Speed didn't lose her soul, she broadened her horizons, becoming a relic that can be enjoyed by more than just the elite few with access to a racetrack.

On the winding roads of the U.K. and Germany, she's cruised like a champion, unfazed by the transition from the track to the tarmac. Her journey from the racetrack to the road has been a dance, a union of opposing forces coming together in perfect harmony.

There's an adventurous spirit that pervades Lady Speed's existence, a sense of joie de vivre that calls out to those who enjoy the thrill of life. Those who crave something beyond the mundane, who seek a wild, exhilarating ride with a narrative that will leave them breathless. In a world where we're increasingly homogenized, she represents an audacious defiance of convention.

Owning this Porsche 962 is not merely about possession; it's about becoming a part of her story, of joining the ranks of racetrack legends, and adding your own chapters to her remarkable journey. So, here's to the adventurers, the thrill-seekers, the aficionados of history, speed, and timeless beauty. Here's to those who can hear Lady Speed's siren call, and are ready to step into her world, where every day is a race day, and every road is a track waiting to be conquered.

In my eyes, Lady Speed, the 1988 Porsche 962, isn't just a car. She's a lifestyle, a love affair, a ticket to a world where life unfolds at breakneck speed, yet with a rhythm that makes every moment count. Now, how about that for a grand adventure?


  1. Historical Significance: This 1988 Porsche 962 is a tangible piece of automotive history. With a rich racing pedigree, including competing in the renowned 24 Hours of Le Mans, the car offers a direct connection to a thrilling era of motorsport.
  2. Track and Street Use: Unique to this Porsche 962 is its conversion for road use, allowing you to experience the thrill of a true race car on public roads.
  3. Preserved and Updated Features: The conversion process has thoughtfully incorporated necessary street features, such as a handbrake, cooling fans, an ECU, and a rearview camera, without compromising the car's original track-focused design and functionality.
  4. Elite Ownership History: With past owners including world-class racing drivers, owning this Porsche puts you in exclusive company.
  5. Inclusive of Spares: The purchase of this car includes spare parts, ensuring the maintenance and preservation of this piece of history.


  1. High Cost: As with any rare and historically significant vehicle, the asking price is significant, which may be prohibitive for many potential buyers.
  2. Maintenance and Operational Costs: Given its racing origins and high-performance nature, upkeep costs may be higher than those of a standard vehicle. Also, finding mechanics with the necessary expertise to work on such a car could be a challenge.
  3. Limited Practicality: Despite being road legal, it might not be practical for everyday use. Its racing nature implies a lack of comfort-oriented features you'd find in a typical car.
  4. Potential Regulatory Issues: Depending on the region, there may be potential road legality issues. Every country has different regulations when it comes to registering and driving converted race cars on public roads.
  5. Limited Resale Market: Given its niche appeal, finding a buyer if you ever decide to sell might take some time. The resale market for such cars is relatively small, and prices can fluctuate significantly.


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