VICIS ZERO2: The Apex of Helmet Design and Protection

Advanced Safety. Custom Comfort. Enhanced Visibility

The Vicis ZERO2 Helmet: a masterpiece of engineering and design. This piece of protective artistry redefines performance, protection, and comfort for those who live life in the fast lane – or rather, on the gridiron.

Just as a vintage roadster hugs the corners on a seaside drive, the Vicis ZERO2 flexes and forms to the unique contours of each athlete's head, courtesy of its exclusive, flexible outer shell technology. Taking a page from automotive safety, this helmet reacts to impacts much like a car bumper, absorbing forces at the point of impact, minimizing the shock that reaches the player's head. This isn't your ordinary helmet; it's a personal defense system against the hard-hitting world of football.

Its stellar performance doesn't stop there. The ZERO2 not only claimed the top spot in NFL & NFLPA helmet laboratory testing, but also cinched a five-star rating in the rigorous Virginia Tech helmet testing regime. Sporting a stainless steel facemask and weighing in 15% lighter than its predecessor, the ZERO1, the ZERO2 is a testament to Vicis's innovative spirit.

The RFLX 2.0 feature of this cutting-edge helmet allows for stellar impact absorption performance without weighing you down. It's all about balance, and the ZERO2 has it in spades. The DLTA pod fit system offers a cornucopia of customization options, adapting the helmet to the contours of the individual athlete, ensuring an almost tailor-made comfort and fit.

Despite its technical prowess, the makers of the ZERO2 don't neglect to provide a cautionary note. No helmet, however advanced, can fully safeguard against the full spectrum of head, brain, or neck injuries that could potentially occur during a football game.

The ZERO2 is not just another helmet, but a game-changing gear that's pushing the boundaries of what's possible in protective sportswear. It fuses scientific ingenuity, remarkable performance, and tailored comfort, culminating in a product that genuinely elevates the on-field experience.

The creators of the ZERO2 didn't set out to merely iterate on existing designs, but to revolutionize them. To craft a helmet that doesn't just meet standards, but sets them. Their design philosophy and relentless pursuit of excellence has resulted in a helmet that transcends expectations, becoming a testament to the exciting future of protective gear.

If you are passionate about living actively and pursuing your sporting passions with verve and vigour, the Vicis ZERO2 helmet is more than a piece of equipment. It's an investment in your performance, a testament to your dedication, and a beacon of safety in a sport known for its thrills and spills.

Pros of the Vicis ZERO2 Helmet:

  1. Top-Ranked Performance: The ZERO2 has been named the top-ranked helmet by NFL & NFLPA helmet laboratory testing. It's also received a 5-star rating from Virginia Tech, a renowned and trusted third-party evaluator of helmets.
  2. Advanced Protective Design: The ZERO2's deformable outer shell technology absorbs impact forces at the point of contact before they reach the athlete's head, providing superior protection.
  3. Lightweight Construction: The ZERO2 is 15% lighter than its predecessor, the ZERO1, potentially enhancing player comfort and mobility.
  4. Personalized Comfort and Fit: The DLTA pod fit system allows for almost unlimited customization, enabling each athlete to achieve a tailored fit and optimal comfort.
  5. Improved On-Field Visibility: The helmet's design optimizes vertical and horizontal sightlines, providing maximum situational awareness.

Cons of the Vicis ZERO2 Helmet:

  1. Price Point: At $799.99, the ZERO2 might be out of reach for many consumers, particularly younger athletes or those just starting out in the sport.
  2. Maintenance and Care: With a range of customizable elements, the ZERO2 could require more care and maintenance than simpler helmet designs. It could potentially be more susceptible to damage if not properly cared for.
  3. Complexity of Customization: While the DLTA pod system allows for a personalized fit, it may also be more complex to adjust and get just right, particularly for younger or less experienced players.
  4. Limited Testing: While the ZERO2 has performed exceptionally well in lab testing, real-world performance can sometimes differ from lab results.
  5. Safety Limitations: Despite its advanced design and superior ratings, it's important to remember that no helmet can fully prevent head, brain, or neck injuries that might occur during football games.


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