Breaking Boundaries: Laffite’s Atrax Hypercar, The 1,167 HP Crossover for City and Desert

Versatile, Powerful, Exclusive, Sustainable, Innovative

Alright, let's set the scene: the Miami Grand Prix weekend, a full-throttle spectacle where sleek machines take center stage. Among these, a new breed of beast rises – the Atrax. Born out of the collaborative genius of Laffite Automobili, the legendary Giorgetto Giugiaro, his son Fabrizio, and of course, the Laffite family.

This is not just any beast; the Atrax is a distinctive, high-built crossover sports car, the likes of which rarely grace our roads. It's an unabashed rebel, thumbing its nose at traditional design paradigms with its five-meter carbon fiber frame. Propelled by twin electric motors, this brute packs a mammoth 1,167 horsepower under its hood, blasting from zero to a hundred in a mere 3.8 seconds with a peak speed of 240 km/h.

What really stands out though is the Atrax's versatility. It's a road beast and an off-roader, ready to take you from an elegant evening at the opera to the adrenaline-spiked dunes of the desert. As Bruno Laffite puts it, it's a blend of “aggressiveness and technology,” a force to be reckoned with that's still “tame and manageable.”

The design doesn't just stop at being unique and strikingly good looking. The wide wheel arch flares, winged doors, and oversized all-terrain Pirelli Scorpion ATR tires are all hints at the machine's multi-terrain capability, while the rear diffuser adds an extra dash of sports car aesthetics.

Inside, you're welcomed by the sumptuous yellow leather seats with carbon molded leather inserts. It's all about ergonomics here – fixed seats with adjustable height and four-point fixed seat belts ensure comfort and accessibility. The door panel is minimalist with a simple design and a handy storage compartment, a nod to practicality amidst the extravagance.

I appreciate the incorporation of technology too. The three display screens replacing traditional wing mirrors are a bold step forward. The placement of these screens right above the dashboard allows the driver a seamless transition from front view to rear, minimizing distractions.

Now, as one who enjoys an exhilarating ride, I can't help but be impressed by the three selectable hydraulic suspension settings. The option to adjust the vehicle's height and spring stiffness certainly sounds like an intriguing feature that can drastically enhance the driving experience.

Lastly, let's talk about the sustainability aspect. The blend of carbon and hemp fiber for the bodywork is an interesting and progressive choice, nodding to an eco-conscious future while ensuring the Atrax's lightweight characteristic.

In the end, all this raw power, ground-breaking design, and versatility come with a price tag to match. With only 26 units set to be made available, the Atrax's exclusivity only adds to its appeal. It's not just a car; it's a limited-edition statement on wheels. Whether it's worth the one and a half million dollar price tag is up to you.

This remarkable machine proves that innovation and style can co-exist without compromising functionality. It's a testament to what the human mind can create when given the freedom to imagine and experiment. And as someone who appreciates good craft in any form, I must say, the Atrax is a vision realized splendidly.


  1. Performance: With its powerful twin electric motors producing a combined 1,167 horsepower, the Atrax offers impressive performance, hitting 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds with a top speed of 240 km/h.
  2. Versatility: It's designed to be both a road car and an off-road vehicle, providing the unique ability to transition smoothly from a city drive to an off-road adventure.
  3. Unique Design: Created by the renowned Giugiaro family and Laffite Automobili, the Atrax boasts a striking and distinctive design. The winged doors and muscular build offer an aesthetic that is bold and imposing.
  4. Sustainable Material Use: The blend of carbon fiber and hemp fiber in the bodywork suggests an eco-friendly direction in the hypercar industry, contributing to both sustainability and weight reduction.
  5. Interior Comfort and Technology: The interior features adjustable height seats, a unique three-display mirror system, and other high-end features aimed at improving driver comfort and experience.
  6. Exclusivity: With only 26 units to be made available, owning an Atrax is a status symbol in itself.


  1. Cost: The Atrax's price tag of one and a half million dollars puts it out of reach for most people. It's squarely aimed at high net worth individuals who can afford such exclusivity.
  2. Limited Availability: Only 26 units will be produced, making it not just expensive but also extremely hard to get hold of. This could be a frustration for enthusiasts who might wish to own one.
  3. Practicality: As much as the Atrax offers impressive performance and versatility, it's still a hypercar. As such, it may not be as practical as a daily driver due to its size, potential maintenance costs, and overall utility compared to more conventional vehicles.
  4. Charging Infrastructure: Depending on the location, the electric charging infrastructure could be a limiting factor for some potential owners. Although the charging time is impressively fast, with 80 percent charge achievable in around 22 minutes, not all areas may have readily available high-speed charging stations.
  5. Unknown Long-term Reliability: As a newly launched vehicle from a relatively small automaker, the long-term reliability and serviceability of the Atrax remain unproven. Future owners might face issues with servicing and parts availability.
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