The Ultimate Collector’s Item: Michael Jordan’s Signed ‘Flu Game’ Air Jordan 12s

Michael Jordan's signed ‘Flu Game' Sneakers

What we have here isn't just a pair of sneakers. It's a token from one of the most incredible performances in the history of sports, a memento of grit and determination that defies logic. This is the stuff of legends – the sneakers from Michael Jordan's “Flu Game”.

Remember, it's Game 5 of the '97 NBA Finals, and Jordan, sick as a dog, seemingly conjures magic on the court. Dazed and hardly able to stand, he hammers in 38 points, grabs 7 rebounds, dishes out 5 assists, and steals 3 times. This Herculean effort isn't just an exercise in individual brilliance. It paves the way for his Bulls to claim their fifth NBA championship.

Now, these shoes? They're a testament to that history. A symbol of human tenacity and a tribute to the unrelenting pursuit of greatness. When you look at them, you're not just looking at the signature black and red Air Jordan 12s. You're looking at a time capsule that takes you back to that memorable night.

Jordan, ever the man of his word, signed these shoes and handed them over to the Utah Jazz ball boy, Preston Truman. A bit of applesauce, a heartfelt gesture, and suddenly, a piece of sporting history changes hands. These shoes, steeped in lore, are authenticated by MeiGray and Sports Investors Authentication, making them a genuine artifact from that fabled game.

It's easy to just look at these as another pair of Air Jordan 12s, with their striking Black/Varsity Red colorway and the iconic Jumpman logo. But they are much more than that. These are the shoes that bore the weight of a legend and his relentless drive to triumph, despite being bedridden and ill.

In a way, these shoes speak to everyone who's ever pushed through adversity. They remind us that challenges, no matter how severe, can be overcome with the right mindset. They're a symbol of strength, resilience, and the power of the human spirit.

They might command a hefty price tag, but remember, they're not just any pair of shoes. They're a slice of history, a memento from a time when a man chose to defy his physical limits and emerged victorious.

They are, simply put, the embodiment of the spirit of a champion. So, if you love action, if you crave those adrenaline-pumping moments, this pair of shoes isn't just a collector's item, it's a celebration of that spirit. It's a reminder that sometimes, even when the odds are stacked against us, we can still rise and conquer. And what can be more thrilling than that?

These are not just shoes, they are a symbol of the ultimate human triumph. The price tag might seem astronomical, but for the lucky collector who gets to own them, it will be akin to owning a piece of that triumph. After all, how often do you get a chance to hold a piece of history in your hands?


  1. Historical Significance: The sneakers are from one of the most famous games in basketball history – Michael Jordan's “Flu Game”. This gives them immense value and historical significance.
  2. Authentication: The sneakers have been authenticated by MeiGray and Sports Investors Authentication, providing assurance that they're the genuine article.
  3. Signed by Michael Jordan: The fact that they're autographed by Michael Jordan himself adds a personal touch and greatly increases their value.
  4. Exclusive Ownership: Only one collector in the world can own these actual shoes from the “Flu Game”. This makes them a highly exclusive collector's item.
  5. Preston Truman's LOA: The shoes come with a Letter of Authenticity from Preston Truman, the original recipient, further solidifying their authenticity and increasing their value.


  1. High Cost: The price is steep, with a current bid of $1,050,000. This puts the sneakers out of reach for many potential collectors.
  2. Limited Use: As a piece of sports memorabilia, these sneakers aren't intended to be worn. Their value lies in their history and not their practical use.
  3. Risk of Counterfeit: Despite the accompanying Letters of Authenticity, there's always a small risk of counterfeit when it comes to highly valued collectible items.
  4. Maintenance: Owning such a valuable item would require careful storage and maintenance to preserve its condition, which could involve additional costs.
  5. Future Value Uncertainty: The value of such items is largely determined by the market. Therefore, while the current bid is high, future value may fluctuate based on demand.


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