The Pinnacle of Luxury: Ducati’s XDiavel Nera in Partnership with Poltrona Frau’s Interiors

Elegance meets power in exclusivity

Ah, there's something deliciously dark about the Ducati XDiavel Nera. It's the kind of machine that leaves an impression. The “Black on Black” livery, a symphony of gloss and matte, is pure poetry, embodying the brooding, enigmatic spirit of a moonless night. It's an appeal to the rider's sensibilities who thrives on the thrill of the journey and the enigma of the destination.

This beast of a machine, birthed from the ingenious collaboration of Ducati and Poltrona Frau's Interiors, screams elegance and power – but with a whisper of subtlety. The numbered series and the “Black on Black” motif give each of these 500 bikes a personality as unique as their riders, marked by a dedicated plate on the trellis frame – a testament to exclusivity.

What strikes me the most is the impeccable saddle made from Pelle Frau®. Hand-saddled, embodying years of research and Italian craftsmanship, this piece is a marvel in itself. The comfort it promises makes the XDiavel Nera more than a motorcycle; it's a sanctuary on two wheels. The option of choosing from five colors and the “X” engraving – a testament to its namesake – brings an added dash of personalization to the ride.

Now, let's not forget the heart of this dark beast – the Testastretta DVT 1262. Its raw power is simply undeniable. The dual nature of this machine, a techno-cruiser soul, merges the comfort of a laid-back ride with the adrenaline rush of a sporty performance. A contradiction? Maybe. But it's a glorious one.

The well-orchestrated symbiosis of its design elements – the trellis frame, the suspension, braking system, and the elaborate electronic equipment – make for a ride that's as safe and comfortable as it is thrilling. The Nera refuses to compromise, and why should it?

In all its blackened glory, the XDiavel Nera also boasts a dedicated jet helmet, reflecting its spirit through and through. The exclusive keyring and document holder add a touch of sophistication that doesn't scream but rather confidently states, “This is luxury.”

The Ducati XDiavel Nera is more than a bike, it's an experience, a statement, a way of life. Power and elegance, seamlessly married in a ride that beckons you to feel the wind on your face and the road beneath your wheels. An allure to the free-spirited, the adventurers, the seekers of the extraordinary. It's an invitation to embrace the power of opposites, to savor the thrill of the journey, and to truly live in the moment.


  1. Limited Edition: The XDiavel Nera is produced in a limited, numbered series of 500 units, adding a level of exclusivity and uniqueness to each unit.
  2. Unparalleled Design: With its ‘Black on Black' livery and the involvement of Poltrona Frau's Interiors in the design, this bike stands out for its elegance and style.
  3. Powerful Engine: The bike's Testastretta DVT 1262 engine, providing a power output of 160 hp at 9,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 13.0 kgm at 5,000 rpm, ensures thrilling performance.
  4. Customizable Saddle: The Pelle Frau® leather saddle is available in five different colours and is hand-saddled, adding a unique element of customization and luxury to the bike.
  5. Comfortable Ride: The design of the bike, including its low seat height and forward foot pegs, offers riding ease and comfort even at lower speeds.
  6. Safety Features: Equipped with cornering ABS, and an impressive electronic equipment package, the XDiavel Nera emphasizes safety as well as performance.


  1. Limited Availability: With only 500 units available, the XDiavel Nera is not easily accessible to every enthusiast.
  2. High-End Luxury: The level of craftsmanship and detailing put into the bike likely makes it an expensive investment, possibly out of reach for some buyers.
  3. Size & Weight: With a dry weight of 221 kg, the XDiavel Nera may be challenging for less experienced riders to handle.
  4. Maintenance: With its specialized design and features, maintenance and repair may require expert help and could potentially be costly.
  5. Not Suitable for all Riding Styles: While the bike promises a fusion of cruiser and sporty ride, it might not entirely satisfy riders who prefer exclusively one style over the other.


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