Anti-Magnetic Marvels: The Farer Pilot Watch Collection

Precision, legibility, anti-magnetic, luminous, wearable

Ah, the romance of flight. The gleaming dials and gauges, the precision of the technology, the sheer thrill of defying gravity. It's the kind of adventure that commands respect, demands fidelity, and, in a rather distinct way, translates well to the world of timepieces.

Enter the new Farer Pilot collection, a suite of instruments meticulously designed with an eye for the practical, yet not shy of a certain aesthetic flair. Grounded in the fundamentals of piloting, these watches are a testament to the necessities of the cockpit – precision, clarity, and resilience to the hostile conditions of flight.

Each piece in the collection feels both sleek and sturdy, the bare essential design forming a peculiarly charming marriage with the bold, utilitarian style. With dial designs stripped down to their core, these watches favour functionality, providing striking legibility. The high-contrast hands, clear markings, and a thoughtful, controlled use of colour turn these pieces into visually pleasing, practical instruments.

It's worth noting the brilliance in engineering the 38mm dials into a pure vertical 39mm case. It's a delicate balance to strike – keeping the dial large enough for clear readability, without resulting in a bulky, unwieldy chunk of metal on your wrist. These watches prove to be very wearable – sizeable, yet discreet.

And then, the luminescence. The use of Grade A Super-LumiNova pigments across the collection is a sight to behold – a radiant, otherworldly glow that lights up in the darkness, ensuring time remains at your fingertips day or night. Further bolstered by anti-reflective treatment on the sapphire crystal, the effect remains sharp and unobstructed.

One of the more intriguing features of these watches is the soft-iron Faraday cage that houses the movement. In a cockpit riddled with magnetic fields that could potentially skew a watch's functioning, this thoughtful addition ensures the timepiece remains unfazed and accurate. A polished steel back etched with the Farer anti-magnetic marque alludes subtly to this strength within.

Let's talk about the individual pieces. The Cayley Verde with its deep green quadrant dial exudes a certain earthy allure. It strikes an elegant balance between classic and contemporary design, further accentuated by the Granolo leather strap.

On the other hand, the Cayley Azul presents a more nuanced aesthetic with a steel blue quadrant dial exhibiting a subtle sunray finish. It's a timepiece that captures attention, but in a refined, understated manner.

Bradfield, set to return in early 2024, takes minimalism to a whole new level with a stepped ring white dial. The luminescent detailing makes it a dependable companion, no matter the time of day.

The Morgan, with its matte black outer ridged dial, speaks to those of us who appreciate the blend of understated design and practical functionality. The minute markings provide excellent readability, making it an ideal instrument for the busy, on-the-go individual.

Each priced at $895, these watches certainly make a statement, not just in their design and functionality, but also in their approachable cost. A well-wrought balance of craftsmanship and affordability that's quite admirable.

In all, these watches are more than just timepieces – they are nods to an adventurous spirit, beacons of precision in a world that often seems to run amok. Whether you're an explorer above the clouds, a thrill-seeker on terra firma, or simply someone who appreciates the balance of beauty and functionality, the Farer Pilot collection is an adventure on your wrist, waiting to unfold.


  1. Functionality: The Farer Pilot collection is designed for optimal usability, with high legibility, bold hands, clear markings, and a controlled use of colour. These are watches designed with practicality at their core.
  2. Size and Wearability: The watches achieve a great balance between size and wearability. The big 38mm dials are enclosed in a 39mm case, creating a maximum-size dial without making the watch feel oversized or cumbersome.
  3. Super-LumiNova: The use of Grade A Super-LumiNova pigments ensures the highest possible afterglow performance, providing clear readability regardless of lighting conditions.
  4. Anti-Magnetic Protection: The soft-iron Faraday cage is a significant feature, protecting the watch movement from harmful magnetic fields common in a cockpit environment. This ensures the watch's reliability in various conditions.
  5. Unique Designs: Each watch in the collection has a unique aesthetic, from the earthy allure of the Cayley Verde to the understated elegance of the Morgan. This variety means there's likely a watch to suit many different tastes and preferences.
  6. Affordability: Priced at $895, these watches offer a high level of craftsmanship and functionality at a relatively accessible price point.


  1. Limited Color Options: While the watches come in a variety of designs, the colour options might be seen as somewhat limited. More vibrant or diverse colour choices could potentially appeal to a broader audience.
  2. Size might be large for some: While the 38mm dial within a 39mm case is a clever design move for maximum legibility, this size might still be too large for those with smaller wrists or those who prefer more compact watches.
  3. Availability: The Bradfield model, as noted, won't be available until 2024. For those particularly interested in this design, the wait could be a deterrent.
  4. Lack of additional features: For some, the lack of additional features (like date function, chronograph, etc.) beyond the basic timekeeping might be seen as a disadvantage. These watches have been stripped down to the essentials for maximum legibility and simplicity, which might not appeal to everyone.
  5. The Leather Straps: Not everyone is a fan of leather straps. Some people might find them uncomfortable, especially in hot climates or during physical activity, while others might prefer a metal bracelet for durability or aesthetic reasons.


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