Bose Frames AR Sunglasses Use Sound to interact

Bose are not known for making sunglasses. They’re known for their speakers and that’s what you get with the Bose Frames AR Sunglasses. 

The Bose Frames uses some wizardry with GPS and a nine-axis motion sensor to figure out what you’re looking at and relays information like history, Yelp reviews, and more to the user. Applications for this technology includes fitness, travel, and games.

The sound, reportedly, is surprisingly good. It doesn’t use bone conduction technology, which is not known for audio quality. Speakers on the frames seem to direct sound to the ear in a way that makes music sound good. 

Bose claims that while “you hear rich, immerssive sound,” others hear practically nothing.The sunglasses itself seem to be well made with metal hinges, nylon rims, and lenses that won’t scratch easily or shatter.Bose Frames weigh about 45 grams, which is about the same weight as a Ray Ban Original Wayfarer. That’s surprisingly light considering the Bose Frames has built-in speakers, microphone, and battery.The battery can provide three and a half hours of music playback and 12 hours of standby.

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