Pangea Mangrove Sunglasses – virtually indestructible and made from trash

Turning mangrove forest plastic into sunglasses

Here's a pair of sunglasses to get behind. Pangea Mangrove sunglasses are made from plastic found in one of the dirtiest mangrove forest in the word, the Manila Bay mangroves.

Plastic pollution is a problem in the mangroves because the plastic covers crucial feeding grounds for migratory birds. Pangea, the company that makes the sunglasses sorts and recycles all the trash in the mangroves and use the Polypropylene for their sunglasses. All non-recyclables are discarded properly.

The frames are made by hand in a local workshop in Bali and each one has a unique texture. No two frames are the same, the one you get is the only one in the world. It's virtually unbreakable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The lenses have anti-scratch coating as well as polarization and color enhancing technology. Also each pair is embedded with a QR code that tracks and verifies the the entire journey of the frame using blockchain technology. On the left temple it says, “These Sunglasses Cleaned 25 lbs of trash and planted 1 tree.

Designed by Elizabeth Jacques, a renowned sunglasses designer whose work include those from Paul Smith, Mullberry and Zadig & Voltaire, the Pangea sunglasses come in three different styles for different needs and face shapes: Travel, City, and Adventure.

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