TaylorMade’s P·790 Irons: Unveiling Intelligent Sweet Spot & Premium Forged Feel

Advanced, Precise, Elegant, Powerful, Innovative

In the ever-evolving world of golf equipment, 2023 sees a maverick entry from TaylorMade with its new P·790 irons. Golf, much like life, is a game of precision, grace, and sometimes, brute force. And if you're on a quest for the perfect blend of these attributes in your clubs, this might just be your next stop.

Every iron should tell a story, and these ones speak in subtle whispers of science and elegance. The way the center of gravity changes as you transition from long to short irons – thanks to the inventive FLTD CG design – promises a game of soaring highs and controlled landings. Those long irons? They're here to get your ball airborne with a seeming defiance of physics. And the short irons, they're all about that controlled flight and a meticulous spin, ensuring you're the puppeteer with the strings in hand.

The hollow-bodied design of the P·790s is akin to a secret chamber of wonders. Filled with SpeedFoam Air, it not only gives structural integrity to the irons but aids in returning energy to that forged 4140 high-speed face. The result? Every swing feels like an echo of perfection.

Now, aesthetics and design aren’t just about looking pretty on the turf. The P·790s, rooted in clean aesthetics, hint at the meticulous engineering underneath. It’s akin to a beautiful city with a bustling underbelly. Delve a little deeper, and you find each iron having its own story – a unique internal structure to be precise. With strategic mass distribution and a clever use of tungsten weighting, they come alive in your hands, promising distance, forgiveness, and precision in every shot.

One of the aspects that truly resonates is the sound of the game. Every golfer knows that the feel and sound of a shot can make or break their spirit. The P·790’s forged hollow body is a symphony in this regard. Couple that with the all-new internal sound stabilization bar and SpeedFoam Air, and you're promised a sensation that’s nothing short of harmonious.

However, what truly caught my attention was the intelligent sweet spot. This isn’t just any sweet spot. Evolved from its predecessors, this new design is an act of genius. With the high-speed face being as thin as 1.56mm at certain points, it promises to catch more shots with unerring consistency in ball speeds and accuracy.

At a starting price of $1,399.99, it isn’t just a purchase but an investment in craftsmanship, technology, and the promise of a better game. If the world of golf were an open road, then the 2023 TaylorMade P·790 irons would be that classic motorcycle, sleek, powerful, and roaring to go.

For the aficionados and the enthusiasts, it seems TaylorMade is offering not just a tool, but a companion. One that understands your game, respects your passion, and promises a journey worth every swing. Swing away!


  1. FLTD CG Design: Optimized center of gravity transitions from the long to the short irons, promoting better launch and playability in long irons and precision in the scoring clubs.
  2. SpeedFoam Air: This material in the hollow-bodied design aids in providing energy return, potentially maximizing shot distance.
  3. Aesthetics: Clean and modern design appeals to the eye, combining form and function.
  4. Unique Internal Structure: Strategic mass distribution and precision tungsten weighting allow for distance, forgiveness, and accuracy in shots.
  5. Premium Sound and Feel: The forged hollow body construction and sound stabilization bar ensure an elevated, premium feel during every shot.
  6. Intelligent Sweet Spot: The advanced design promises more consistent ball speeds and accuracy, allowing for a more forgiving play.


  1. Price Point: Starting at $1,399.99, the P·790 irons may be a significant investment for some golfers.
  2. Complexity for Beginners: With its advanced technology and features, beginners might find it challenging to leverage the full potential of the irons.
  3. Maintenance: The combination of materials and technology might require more meticulous care and maintenance compared to simpler irons.
  4. Weighting System: The precise tungsten weighting, while an advantage for many, could feel different to those used to a more uniform weight distribution in their clubs.

While the P·790 irons bring a lot to the table in terms of technology, design, and potential for improved gameplay, they also come with considerations of cost and usability, especially for those newer to the game or used to a different style of club.

From $1,399.99

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