TaylorMade P·770 Phantom Black Irons: Elevate Your Game with Style

Sleek, precise, innovative, powerful, elite

Out on the greens, amidst the usual sheen of silvers and chromes, emerges something that makes you pause. The TaylorMade P·770 Phantom Black irons. The first thing that strikes you, besides that devilishly attractive black PVD finish, is their promise for those with the skill to wield them. If your ball-striking prowess is notable, yet you don't necessarily dance with those true blades, these irons are tuned to your song.

It's clear that these aren't just about aesthetics. The KBS Tour Black shafts add to the allure, promising precision, but it's what lies underneath that truly makes these irons sing. The construction is an artful blend of SpeedFoam Air-filled hollow-body mechanics, paired with FLTD CG tungsten weighting. This design gradually shifts the center of gravity throughout the set, tailoring the trajectory with every swing.

Now, the P·770 Phantom Black irons, by their design, are undeniably more compact than their older sibling, the P·790s. But let's not mistake this refinement for compromise. Their smaller body, with a noticeably thinner top line, makes for a refined sight on the course. Yet, their performance is anything but diminutive. Their design ensures they punch well above their weight, offering a robust ball speed and distance, challenging other forged irons of similar stature.

What intrigues me further is the FLTD CG™ design. Its intuitive concept of positioning the center of gravity lower in the long irons and progressively shifting it higher seems to create a harmonious balance. This means easier launches and optimal playability with the long irons, while ensuring trajectory and spin are dialed in perfectly with the scoring clubs.

Then there's the touch of mastery. The forged hollowed-body construction combined with an ultra-thin face. It’s not just about giving these irons a spine-tingling look; it's about performance, feel, distance, and forgiveness. Thru-Slot Speed Pocket and Progressive Inverted Cone Technology come together, safeguarding ball speed and enhancing playability.

At $1,400, some might raise an eyebrow. But golf, like life, is about experiences, the tools we choose, and the stories they help create. If you're in the market for a set of irons that blend power with finesse, the P·770 Phantom Black might just be the ticket to elevate your game and make every swing on the course a memorable one. After all, isn't it about time we played with a bit more style?


  1. Aesthetically Pleasing: The black PVD finish combined with the KBS Tour Black shafts gives these irons a sleek, distinct look on the course.
  2. Tailored Trajectory: With the FLTD CG tungsten weighting, the center of gravity shifts progressively, optimizing trajectory for each iron in the set.
  3. Compact Yet Powerful: Though more compact than the P·790s, they deliver robust ball speed and distance.
  4. Forged Performance: The hollowed-body construction and ultra-thin face enhance feel, distance, and forgiveness.
  5. Advanced Technology: Features like the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket and Progressive Inverted Cone Technology ensure consistent ball speed and playability across the face.
  6. Designed for Skill: Ideal for golfers with solid ball-striking capabilities but not necessarily seeking the intricacies of true blades.


  1. Price Point: Priced at $1,400, they are on the higher end of the market, potentially making them less accessible for some golfers.
  2. Not for Everyone: These irons are designed for golfers with certain skills, which might not be suitable for beginners or those looking for more general-purpose clubs.
  3. Limited Edition: Being a limited edition, it might be harder to replace a specific club if lost or damaged.


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