TAUR II Electric Scooter: Experience Ultimate Stability with Unique Face-Forward Design

Innovative, Stable, Efficient, Safe, Portable

Welcome to the urban landscape of the future. The ride has just been redefined, and the city streets are calling. The TAUR II electric scooter is more than a means of transport; it's a vision of mobility, the next phase in our journey to rethink urban travel.

With the TAUR II, cruising through the city is transformed into an experience that is not just efficient but engaging. From its face-forward stance to the wide foot platforms, this machine offers a completely new perspective on the road. The emphasis on safety and stability doesn't just make you feel secure; it heightens your connection to the world rushing by.

The advancements in the second generation are hard to ignore. The wider wheels wrapped in 12.5-inch puncture-resistant tires, the longer wheelbase, and the chunkier design aren't just cosmetic improvements. They contribute to a ride that promises to be smoother, more stable, and more thrilling. The choice between two model variants, with a 26-mile or 39-mile battery range, gives you the freedom to choose a scooter that fits your urban lifestyle.

The safety features stand out. Turn signals, rear projection lighting, a 300-lumen Cree headlight, and a redesigned throttle offer a seamless integration of form and function. The TAUR II doesn't just move you; it communicates your intentions, keeping you visible and in control.

And let's talk about that control. The handlebar-mounted Quad Lock phone mount and the Taur app allow an interface that is both intelligent and intuitive. The navigation aid, real-time updates, and ability to tailor the scooter's settings to your preferences represent the future of personalized travel.

The fact that this scooter folds down, coupled with the addition of the TAUR QuickCarry Handle, appeals to the urban commuter's sense of practicality. The blend of convenience and style in the TAUR II shows a thoughtful attention to detail, as evidenced by the small storage footprint and the attractive TAUR Sky Grey color.

I'm especially intrigued by the brazen promise to pay any UK customer fines resulting from riding a TAUR II. This bold stance illustrates a commitment to challenging regulations that seem out of touch with the realities of modern urban transportation.

However, it's worth bearing in mind the usual crowdfunding caveats. The TAUR II's shipping date is estimated for May 2024, and pledging on Kickstarter always carries some risk. But for those who are drawn to the idea of redefining the urban ride, this scooter appears to be a serious and well-crafted contender.

Is the TAUR II the future of urban transport? Time will tell. But it certainly invites us to think differently about our journey, offering a ride that's not just about getting from A to B, but about the joy, the excitement, and the potential found in those miles in between. Gear up for a new adventure with TAUR II. The road is waiting.


  1. Innovative Design: Unique face-forward riding stance with larger foot platforms ensures superior stability, effortless turning, and heightened traffic awareness.
  2. Enhanced Range: The standard TAUR II offers 27 miles, while the Plus variant promises up to 39 miles on a single charge.
  3. Fast Charging: Rapid charging can juice up the battery from 0 to 100% in just 2-3.5 hours depending on the model.
  4. Cost-Efficient: A full charge costs only $0.20-$0.30, making it economical for daily usage.
  5. Safety Features: Integrated turn signals, a 300-lumen Cree® headlight, and a rear projection light that shines on the rider ensure high visibility and safety.
  6. Compact and Portable: The foldable design combined with the TAUR QuickCarry Handle ensures easy storage and portability.
  7. Advanced Features: An app with navigation, ride tracking, and over-the-air updates. Plus, an integrated Quad Lock® phone mount for added convenience.
  8. Anti-Theft Features: Onboard GPS with FindMyTAUR service and a digital lock that's unlockable via an app to enhance security.
  9. PayYourFine Initiative: A bold move where TAUR pledges to pay fines for UK users caught riding their scooters and replaces confiscated ones.
  10. Durable and Weather-Proof: Aircraft-grade aluminum frame with IP55 rating allows riding in the rain without worries.


  1. Legal Concerns: Riding a personally owned electric scooter is illegal in the UK. While TAUR promises to pay fines, users might still face legal hassles.
  2. Weight: Even though it's designed to be portable, some users might find the weight (43-45 lbs) challenging to manage.
  3. Pricing: With pledges starting at US$995, it might be a steep investment for some.
  4. Crowdfunding Uncertainties: Since it's funding on Kickstarter, there's always inherent risk associated with crowdfunding campaigns and potential delivery delays.
  5. Potential App Dependence: Heavy reliance on the app for several features might be cumbersome for non-tech-savvy users or if there are software glitches.
  6. Speed Restrictions: Default speed is limited based on the country of delivery, although it can be unlocked via the app, which may pose safety concerns if unchecked.
  7. Battery Depreciation: Like all electric devices, there might be a decline in battery life over extended use.

From $995

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