Heimplanet Fistral: The Ultimate Lightweight Tent with a One-Minute Setup

Compact, Lightweight, Quick-Setup, Safe, Innovative

There's something uniquely poetic about the art of travel and camping. The wanderlust that fuels our souls, the desire to explore and connect with the world around us. And to experience it all, you need the right companion. The Fistral tent by Heimplanet might just be that perfect travel buddy you've been looking for.

Let's start with the immediate appeal: the Fistral is designed with a compact design, so travelers won't have to compromise space or weight. It's ideal for those light tours, be it bikepacking across a forgotten trail, hiking up that challenging summit, or a solo camping escapade under the stars. At just 2.85 kg or roughly 6.33lbs, it's the kind of weight that won't break your back or spirit.

But don't let its lightweight fool you. The Fistral is an emblem of strength. Courtesy of its inflatable frame structure, it doesn't just stand; it stands with conviction. Oh, and if you're someone who struggles with the intricate labyrinths of tent pitching, the Fistral's got you covered. With the help of a pump (though, keep in mind, it's sold separately), you're a mere minute away from your shelter. A minute!

For the adventurers who are no strangers to unexpected challenges, the multi-chamber safety system is a thoughtful touch. Picture this: a chamber gets damaged. Typically, panic ensues. But with the Fistral, the rest of the structure remains unfazed. You can then calmly figure out where the issue is and address it. No fuss, no chaos.

Space is another arena where the Fistral shines. With two spacious vestibules flanking either side of the sleeping cabin, you won’t be tripping over your gear when you wake up. And if the heavens decide to grace your camp with some rain, and the ground underneath becomes a wet mess, there's the Fistral Groundsheet available to keep things dry.

To wrap it all up, it’s the little things that make a difference. The tent floor's material, the breathable inner tent, the high-quality flysheet, all reflect a deep understanding of a traveler's needs. The Fistral isn’t just a tent; it's a statement. A statement that says you value the journey, the experience, and the stories waiting to be told. For €499, it's not just a tent you're getting, but a ticket to countless adventures.

Travel is a mosaic of experiences, and with the Fistral, you’re equipped to paint every piece with vivid colors. Safe travels, my friend.


  1. Compact Design & Lightweight: At just 2.85 kg (6.33lbs), it's portable without compromising the traveler's mobility.
  2. Quick Setup: With the right pump, you can have the tent pitched in less than a minute, perfect for those who value efficiency.
  3. Multi-Chamber Safety System: Enhanced stability and safety ensured, as even a damaged chamber won't compromise the tent's integrity.
  4. Spacious Storage: Two large vestibules provide ample space for gear, keeping the sleeping area clutter-free.
  5. Quality Materials: Durable and weather-resistant materials like 70D Nylon and 40D HT Polyester Ripstop ensure longevity.
  6. Versatility: Suitable for a plethora of outdoor activities from bikepacking to solo camping.
  7. Compact Pack Size: Its small footprint makes storage and transportation a breeze.
  8. Worldwide Shipping: No matter your location on the globe, Heimplanet will deliver the Fistral to your doorstep.
  9. Lifetime Warranty: Built with enduring materials, Heimplanet confidently offers a lifetime warranty for lasting performance.
  10. Re-Store Program: An eco-conscious initiative to prolong product lifespan, also giving customers a chance to get up to 20% of their purchase price back.


  1. Price: A cost of €499 might be steep for some, especially casual or budget campers.
  2. Pump Sold Separately: A tent that prioritizes its inflatable nature should ideally include the necessary pump.
  3. Size Limitations: Designed for 1-2 people, space might feel confined for two users with ample gear.
  4. Weather Resistance Concerns: A 5000 mm water column may not hold up against consistent heavy rain or particularly harsh weather.
  5. Airframe Vulnerability: The inflatable frame could be susceptible to punctures in rough terrains or conditions.

The Heimplanet Fistral offers a blend of functionality, durability, and eco-consciousness, making it a potential favorite among modern campers. However, every individual's needs are unique, and it's vital to consider both its strengths and limitations before investing.


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