Suzuki SuperMoto DR-Z400SM 2024: The Urban Warrior with an Off-Road Soul

Power, Precision, Versatility, Design, Adventure

Some motorcycles are just about getting from point A to B. And then there's Suzuki's 2024 SuperMoto DR-Z400SM, a beautiful beast that seems to be infused with an off-road spirit, even as it dances on paved streets. Let me tell you, this is a bike that beckons to be ridden, and not just on a straight highway stretch.

Drawing its lineage from the DR-Z400S, the 2024 SuperMoto is a delightful fusion of Supermotard style and practical, street-legal features. What stands out immediately is its lean profile—slim, lightweight, and eager for action. This bike has a distinct flair that screams fun. So whether you're zipping through congested city streets, carving out tight corners in a canyon, or embracing the challenge of a twisty forest path, the SuperMoto is right at home.

Nestled within its frame is a 398cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine. Now, don't be deceived by that number. The engine churns out a hearty torque at low rpm, and its throttle response is nothing short of crisp. It roars to life with a simple push-button start, thanks to a lightweight starter motor paired with an automatic mechanical decompression system. And if you're wondering about power, it's fed by a Mikuni 36mm carburetor, which ensures smooth throttle transitions, whether you're accelerating or engine braking. Trust me, the engine alone makes it a thrilling companion for the open road.

But there's more to the SuperMoto than just its engine. One of its defining features is the inverted front fork. Not only does it contribute to the bike's nimble handling by reducing unsprung weight, but it also gives riders a sportbike experience, especially when combined with the 300mm diameter floating front brake rotor. Ride this bike once, and you'll feel the difference—the precise control of the rear wheel, thanks to its fully adjustable rear shock absorber and RM-inspired aluminum swingarm.

Sporting chrome-moly steel frame that's tuned for Supermotard style riding, this bike is not only torsionally robust but also impressively lightweight. Paired with blue- or black-anodized RK Excel aluminum rims, it wears its sporty radial tires with pride, ensuring you've got the grip where and when you need it.

Aesthetically, the SuperMoto is a treat. Both the Grand Blue and Solid Black or the pure Solid Black bodywork are enhanced by new graphics packages, adding to the motorcycle's dynamic styling and mission. I must say, I have a soft spot for motorcycles that don't just perform but also look the part, and this one fits the bill.

Speaking of aesthetics, its compact, digital instrument cluster is sleek and informative, offering a speedometer, odometer, and even stopwatch functions. And, for those concerned about nighttime rides, the SuperMoto doesn't disappoint. It boasts a bright 60/55-watt halogen headlight, ensuring you see and are seen.

Now, I know what you're thinking—what's the damage for such a machine? The SuperMoto starts at $7,899. For what it offers, I'd say that's a competitive price. It's a motorcycle that promises adventure and delivers on it, whether you're in the city or off the beaten path.

In essence, Suzuki's 2024 SuperMoto DR-Z400SM is not just a motorcycle—it's an experience, an adventure waiting to happen. And for those who feel the call of the road, it's an invitation that's hard to resist.


  1. Versatile Design: Tailored for both city commutes and off-road adventures, allowing riders to enjoy the best of both worlds.
  2. Strong Engine: The 398cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine delivers strong low-rpm torque and crisp throttle response, suitable for various riding conditions.
  3. Lightweight Construction: With components like the magnesium-alloy clutch, magneto, and cylinder head covers, the bike is designed to be lightweight, enhancing its handling and maneuverability.
  4. Sportbike Experience: Features like the inverted front fork, wide spoke-style wheels, and a 300mm diameter floating front brake rotor provide an exhilarating sportbike feel.
  5. Advanced Suspension: Fully adjustable MX-style suspension ensures adaptability to different terrains and rider preferences.
  6. Distinctive Looks: With fresh, angular graphics and color options like Grand Blue and Solid Black, the SuperMoto boasts a race-ready appearance.
  7. Efficient Cooling System: A thermostatically-controlled cooling fan ensures consistent operating temperatures, especially beneficial in traffic.
  8. Easy Maintenance: Features like the bolt-on aluminum sub-frame and quick-release fasteners for easy access to the air filter simplify maintenance routines.
  9. Safety and Durability: Front and rear axle sliders and rotatable mirrors offer protection against potential damages from tip-overs.
  10. Affordable Price: Starting at $7,899, it offers a competitive price for the features and performance provided.


  1. Single Carburetor System: The Mikuni™ 36mm carburetor, though efficient, might not offer the same level of performance and tuning flexibility as multi-carb or fuel-injected systems.
  2. Seat Height: At 890 mm (35.0 in.), the seat height might be a bit tall for shorter riders, potentially affecting comfort and bike control.
  3. Emissions Compliance System: The use of a PAIR (air supply) system to achieve emissions compliance might not appeal to purists who prefer a more direct exhaust setup.
  4. Chain Drive: While the sealed O-ring type drive chain is low maintenance, it might not offer the same longevity and quiet operation as shaft-driven systems on some other bikes.
  5. Limited Fuel Capacity: With a fuel tank capacity of 10.0 L (2.6 US gal.), long rides might require more frequent refueling stops compared to some other models.

Starting $7,899

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