Ibis Exie: A Legacy of World Cup Winning Geometry for All Riders

Handbuilt. Performance-driven. Versatile. Durable. Exceptional

Stepping into the world of mountain biking is a blend of adrenaline, nature, and connection with the machine beneath you. The Ibis Exie, handbuilt in Vietnam, offers a world of that connection. Borrowing from its sibling, the World Cup winning Exie USA, it retains much of the champion's spirit, albeit being a tad heavier, tipping the scales at an additional 250g. But, every ounce is worth its weight in performance.

Imagine cruising through tracks, whether they're rapid short ones or those multi-day epics that demand endurance. The Exie's size-specific seat angles are meticulously crafted to reduce strain on your knees and wrists. It’s like a custom-fit suit; as the frame sizes grow, the angles change, letting riders of different heights achieve the same comfortable riding positions.

The heart of any bike is its suspension. The dw-link suspension of the Exie, lets you make the most of your energy. It promises a seamless blend of climbing efficiency, allowing riders to scale heights with minimal effort, while its downhill prowess ensures a smooth, plush descent.

Maintenance? Minimal. Ibis seems to know what a rider truly needs – more time on the saddle and less in the workshop. Employing IGUS bushings where needed and bearings elsewhere, they've crafted a bike that's as robust as it is low-maintenance. Even the typically daunting task of internal cable routing is made hassle-free with their thoughtful design.

A standout feature, at least for me, is the bike's adaptability to tires. From overbuilt chunky ones to lightweight voluminous tires, the 2.4″ clearance ensures riders are only limited by their choice and not the frame's constraints. And let's not forget the small joys – like having two water bottles fit comfortably within the frame or the integrated chain guide that's a subtle nod to ensuring your chain stays put, no matter how hard you push.

What guarantees the Ibis Exie’s resilience is the lifetime warranty. It's a statement of trust, a bond between the rider and the brand. Should there be a flaw, they'll mend it.

Now, let's talk components. Three build variants are available for the discerning rider. Whether you choose the Shimano Deore, the Sram GX Eagle, or the higher-end Shimano SLX, you're treated to a Fox Float fork and shock, the reliable grip of Maxxis Recon Race tires, and the confident touch of Lizard Skin Charger Evo grips. The variations mainly lie in the specifics of the drivetrain, each catering to riders with unique preferences, all priced to ensure you get the bang for your buck.

In its essence, the Ibis Exie isn’t just a bike. It's an experience, an adventure waiting to unfold. Whether you choose it in the subtle Bone or the more assertive Navy, it promises to be a reliable companion on trails that are yet to be conquered. So, if you’re in the market for a machine that resonates with performance, the Exie might just be your next ride.


  1. Handbuilt Craftsmanship: The fact that it's handbuilt in Vietnam signifies a level of craftsmanship that's dedicated to detail and precision.
  2. Performance Pedigree: Sharing the geometry with the World Cup winning Exie USA means it inherits some top-tier performance attributes.
  3. Adaptable Geometry: The size-specific seat angles adapt as the frame sizes change, allowing a tailored fit for riders of different heights.
  4. Efficient Suspension: The dw-link suspension offers a balanced performance for both uphill and downhill rides.
  5. Low Maintenance: The combination of IGUS bushings and the design of internal cable routing ensures riders spend more time on trails and less time fixing or adjusting the bike.
  6. Tire Versatility: A 2.4″ tire clearance means riders can choose from a variety of tire types, from chunky to lightweight.
  7. Integrated Features: Having two water bottle slots and an integrated chain guide shows a design that thinks about rider convenience.
  8. Lifetime Warranty: This commitment from the brand signifies trust in the product's durability and gives the rider peace of mind.
  9. Variety in Builds: With three different builds available, riders have the option to choose components based on their preference and budget.


  1. Weight: The Vietnam-made variant is ~250g heavier than its US counterpart. For those aiming for the lightest possible bike, this might be a concern.
  2. Price Point: Starting at $4,999, it might not fit into everyone's budget, especially beginners or those looking for a more economical option.
  3. Limited Color Options: With only Bone and Navy as color choices, there's a lack of variety for those wanting a more unique or vibrant look.
  4. Seatpost Limitation: The Bike Yoke Revive Dropper, available in the Shimano SLX build, has a 250lb rider weight limit which might not cater to heavier riders.


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