Subsoccer under the table soccer battle

Better than Foosball

People don't usually play soccer indoors at home because they don't want to be breaking stuff. Subsoccer keeps the ball contained so you play soccer in the living room without breaking the TV. It's a see through table with a miniature soccer field underneath surrounded by a net where the game takes place. The game is played in the sitting position and it comes with 2 seats for the players. In this game you're both the goalie and the striker.

Subsoccer is a great alternative to Foosball and probably just as intense. Unlike Foosball though, playing Subsoccer might actually improve some aspects of your soccer game like ball control, feints, and dribbling. And it can be a good workout even though you're in a sitting position, especially if your are competitive.

There are currently two version of the Subsoccer. The Subsoccer 7 is suited for heavy use in public spaces. Subsoccer 3 is the lightweight version is for the average consumer who will be using it inside the home or on the yard.

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