Evolux E-SNEAKERS with customizable LED display

Billboard on Sneakers

Evolux E-Sneakers attact attention. They're cool, they're flashy, and they let you display whatever you want on them including text, emojis, graphics, patterns, and even custom drawings.

You set it up via a smartphone app, which allows you to customize your message, add scrolling effect, make it bold, set brightness, draw, and more. There's a lot of customization options. You can even set it to show music synced to an EQ graphic or display call notifications.

The LED display can run for 8 hours straight and you can turn it on or off via a button on the heel loop.

Charging takes 4-5 hours via a micro-usb port, also placed on the heel loop.

Every electronic component in the Evolux is sealed, waterproof and protected against the harsh environment of the urban jungle.

They're good shoes

It's nice to see they didn't neglect the shoe part of the Evolux to focus on the flashy part.

The Evolux is made for comfort, with soft cushioning and an insole that fits like a glove and materials to allow maximum flexibility for your feet.

To prevent odors, a breathable and sweat absorbent polyester lined with silver ion technology was used.

To ensure that you won't slip, the e-sneakers use a PU decompression sole with anti-skid properties.

Evolux sneakers come in two styles: Black with white LED lighting and white with blue LED lighting.

evolux e-sneakers with smartphone app


  • Unique
  • Attracts attention
  • LED display can be turned off
  • Easily customizable via smartphone
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Looks good even with display turned off


  • Kickstarter campaign (estimated delivery May 2020)
  • It's hard to read the display especially when the user is moving around
  • 4-5 hours for charging


The Evolux e-sneakers attract attention because when else do you see someone with a billboard on their shoe? However, if you want the Evolux to send a message with the LED display you'd have to stand still because it's pretty hard to read when moving. It does look good though.

Update: This product is no longer available. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter but the owners did not deliver the product and this is likely a scam.

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