Stay Cool for 60 Hours with Camelbak ChillBak™ Cube 18

Adventure-friendly, sustainable, high-capacity hydration solution

Listen, there's nothing quite like getting out there under the broad open sky, right? The thrill of the adventure is calling. Well, for those like you and me, I've got something to share. The ChillBak™ Cube 18.

This isn't just some old cooler; it's your ticket to fun, unencumbered escapades. Going for a bike trip? Planning a weekend out in the wild? Or maybe you're just looking to stay stocked up for that beach bash. This is your mate. With 18 liters of capacity, you can stack up 16 cans of your favorite fuel, and yes, there's room for ice. A whole 12 pounds of it. Or go all in with ice, and you can stuff 22 pounds, and this cooler won't blink an eye.

Now, let's talk about the details. The Roll-Top Closure is not just robust and thermally efficient, it also lets you dive in single-handedly. It has built-in carry handles and removable padded shoulder straps, offering options to suit your style. A stretch pocket for all those bits and pieces you can't do without – think bottle openers, maybe a small guidebook, or a mini first-aid kit.

But what's special about this guy is the 3L Fusion™ reservoir. It tucks away neatly behind a zippered back panel, and you won't believe how much room you still have left for food and drink. The hose with a spigot? It's accessible from the outside. Perfect for when everyone wants a quick swig, or you're playing bartender for your buddies.

And, you're not going to have to worry about your sandwiches getting soggy, either. Thanks to the trap door feature, your dry items stay safe and separated from the ice.

Durability and sustainability are a part of the package, too. The TPU Coated 400D Nylon Ripstop material is Bluesign Approved, which means it's good for the environment. Also, it's BPA/BPS/BPF free, so no nasty chemicals leaching into your refreshments.

This Cube 18 weighs in at a comfortable 3lb 6.3 oz., meaning you won't be wrestling with it on your adventures. And here's the kicker – it'll keep your drinks cold and ice intact for a whopping 60 hours. No kidding.

Of course, for the quality it provides, it does come with a price tag of $300. But then, you're investing in a hardy companion for those long and unforgettable trips, right?

Bottom line, the ChillBak™ Cube 18 is a soft cooler that doesn't mess around. It's made for those who love being active and having fun, while staying refreshingly hydrated. It's your solution to thirsty adventures and the promise of many good times to come.


  1. High-Capacity Cooler: With an 18-liter capacity, it can accommodate 16 cans and 12 lbs of ice or up to 22 lbs of ice alone. This is more than sufficient for a small group outing or a day trip.
  2. Long-Lasting Cold Retention: The cooler retains ice and keeps drinks cold for up to 60 hours, ensuring beverages stay refreshingly cold throughout your trip.
  3. Innovative Hydration System: The 3L Fusion™ reservoir with a hose and spigot provides convenient group hydration and maximizes cooler space.
  4. Practical Design Features: The Roll-Top Closure, exterior hose access, stretch pocket for essentials, and carry options all contribute to its user-friendly design.
  5. Sustainability and Safety: The materials are Bluesign Approved and BPA/BPS/BPF free, ensuring minimal environmental impact and safe use.


  1. Price: At $300, the ChillBak™ Cube 18 comes at a considerable cost. It's a significant investment compared to many other coolers on the market.
  2. Weight: While not excessively heavy at 3lb 6.3 oz., when fully loaded with drinks, ice, and the reservoir, it could be a bit cumbersome to carry around.
  3. Storage Organization: Although the trap door keeps dry items separate, without additional compartments, organizing food and other items could be challenging.
  4. Size: With dimensions of 13 x 13 x 9 in, it may be too bulky for smaller outings or for those with limited storage space.
  5. Cleaning Difficulty: Given the design features like the reservoir and the roll-top closure, cleaning this cooler might be more challenging than cleaning traditional coolers.


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